How the Internet of Things is Changing Homes

How the Internet of Things is Changing Homes


The internet has been the most influential innovation in the history of man. We now enjoy the technologies of connecting. The internet of things (IoT) is everywhere.  So, what is the Internet of Things?  Well, the term refers to a network of objects all connected electronically, fit with sensors, software, and electronics.  This network collects information and performs tasks based on your needs.  The IoT transforms how we live and operate in our homes.


Amazon’s Alexa

First, we’ll provide an available example.  Amazon’s Alexa is marketed as the perfect personal assistant.  However, the power of Alexa is growing way past being a desktop assistant. Alexa is being used in many more ways. As more 3rd party companies begin to synchronize their products with Alexa its functionality increases. Alexa stores and processes massive amounts of information.  It also helps you manage your schedule, reply to emails, and even making phone calls. You can connect your lights, climate control system, and even the television to Alexa.  The software allows you to control nearly everything in your home from a streamlined source.


Added Security

Now, consider the advancements in home security.  There are many products for your home that add security and safety. With cameras and a systems in place, streaming video to your phone allows you to have 24 hour surveillance.  With these systems, you can check doors and windows, as well as skylights.  There are many products on the market that transform your security system through connected technology.


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The IoT and its Future

Thes new in-home smart products market is growing quickly. SensorSphere makes a ball shaped product equipped with an HD camera controlled from your smart phone. Through the app on your phone you can control the ball to move around your home collecting HD video and audio. SensorSphere’s product can also monitor the humidity, temperature, and air quality of your home. As product innovation continues light bulbs, door locks, and even kitchen appliances will be controlled wirelessly.  IoT sets out to completely transform the way a home owner manages their home.


Issues with IoT

While security technology advances, it’s also the major concern with IoT technology.  Companies with multi-million dollar security budgets still get hacked all the time. Consumers will need to trust the company they give full access of their homes to as a result of hackers always being an issue. Someone unlocking your doors or turning on your oven and stove is a bit scary. Innovation can make people anxious.  For instance, online banking still worries cautious account holders.  As a result with immense growth in this market, you better bet safety and security measures will be created.

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