How Much does it Cost to Replace Windows

How Much does it Cost to Replace Windows


Windows are a huge investment whether you need 5 or 20.  You may be wondering how much of an investment.  The truth is, there plenty of window brands out there that vary in quality, resilience and cost.  There may also be factors about your specific home that affect the installation price.  For instance, historic architecture requires custom window replacement.   To simplify the answer, here are average window cost ranges for 3 different levels of windows.


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Budget Friendly

If you are on a tight budget, consider purchasing windows from a big box store.  Depending on the style and finish you prefer, pricing ranges from $70-$200 per window.  Keep in mind, this is the cost of the window itself and does not include installation.  For the more DIY driven home owners, you can try window installation yourself.



Middle Road

If you want a quality window installed by the same company that manufactures, expect to spend more than big box store prices.  However, with the size of the window market, lots of companies sell quality windows for reasonable prices. Mid-grade energy efficient windows with long term warranties range between $200 and $400 per window. This represents a range for the average sized double hung window.  And, price does not always signify quality.  Many mid-range window brands like Alside offer high performance products without the cost attached to well-known brands.


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High-End Windows

Window replacements are meant to last for many years.  Most home owners only replace their windows once during their cycle of long-term ownership.  One way to guarantee the lifespan of your new windows is to spring for a premium brand.  The average high end window costs anywhere from $200 to $2,000.  Again, this cost does not include installation labor.


To summarize, window costs vary based on brand and quality.  The average Baltimore home owner spends  $14,504 replacing more than 10 windows, (Home Advisor).  Top of the line window replacements of entire houses exceed $20,000.  Deciding if a price is fair depends on the durability of the window, the energy efficiency rating, and the value of the warranty.  Consider cost verse value when making your decision. Interested in learning How to Get a Window Replacement Estimate?


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