How Much Does A New Roof Cost

How Much Does A New Roof Cost


In this article you’ll learn:

-Types of Shingles

– Roofing Cost Factors

– Average Cost of Roof Installation

Replacing a structural element of the home is always an expensive project.  Just the thought of installing a new roof sounds costly.  However, roofs are the first line of defense for a home’s protection so the money spent is well worth it.  If you have determined you need a new roof, how much can you expect to spend?  The answer depends on the size of your home, the quality of shingles you buy, and the pitch.  Here is a quick guide to help predict a new roof cost.


Types of Shingles

The most common type of residential roofing material in Maryland is asphalt shingles.  Slate, metal, and ceramic are also options, however, much less popular in the mid Atlantic.  While you may see ceramic roofing in California, you probably won’t come across many ceramic roof homes in Baltimore.  Affordable pricing and ease of install make asphalt the go-to shingle for home owners.

There are of course, quality grades within the world of asphalt.  To simplify, the two main choices are 3 tab and architectural.  Architectural shingles are more expensive because they are smaller, provide more overlapping, and are more difficult to install.  They are also more attractive for boosting curb appeal.  We can consider 3 tab shingles the basic asphalt choice.  Within each type of asphalt shingle, architectural and 3 tab, there are varying factors that contribute to cost: anti algae, durability, warranty.  We can boil all of these factors down to quality.


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Architectural and 3 tab shingles have quality variances based on brand and manufacturing.  A valuable shingle comes with a lifetime warranty.  Architectural shingles, being engineered better, typically have a lifetime warranty.  In the world of houses and roofs, lifetime usually means about 50 years.  Warranties for 3 tab shingles can range between 15 and 30 years.  While architectural shingles are priced substantially higher, they last longer.


Cost Break Down

There are two things to consider when calculating roofing costs: the material and the labor.  It’s usually easier to compare pricing for shingles and shop for the best quality and value.  Quality labor, on the other hand, is harder to measure and compare.  You want to make sure you contract a reliable company with insurance and a proven track record.  After all, the warranty is only valid if the shingles are installed correctly.  Keep in mind roofing is dangerous work, best left to professionals who uphold safe working practices for the installers.


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Calculating Cost

Like most construction work, surface size determines pricing.  Roofing companies measure your home in the metric of squares.  A square refers to a 10×10’ surface.  A rate multiplied by the number of squares calculates the price.  You can get a rough idea of how many squares you have by measuring the length and width of your home.  Unfortunately, without climbing up on the roof, it’s difficult to get an exact measurement.  Try eyeing up the pitch and guessing about how many feet you have from the peak to the edge.  For non-rancher style homes, the estimating requires more complicating guessing.  After all, things high up look smaller from the ground.


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Average Cost

The average cost of installing a 3 tab shingle ranges between $350 and $500 per square.  If we consider a 2,000 square foot roof, a fair cost falls between $7,000 and $10,000.  Make sure the cost you receive includes a dumpster rental, removal of all old asphalt, and features such as a ridge vent.  Architectural shingles range between $500 and $700 per square installed.  Remember, these shingles are more difficult to install. They are more visually appealing and last longer.

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