Great porch front ideas to boost curb appeal

Great porch front ideas to boost curb appeal

curb appeal ideas. Ways to increase curb appeal with front porch tips

Increasing your homes appearance is easier than ever. Curb appeal is important to many home owners and it should be important to you too. Depending on the landscape, it is easy for a home to have a confused entrance with overgrown bushes and out of place decorations. There are many things a homeowner can do to create a head-turning front porch.

Clearing the path

Make sure to clear the pathway from the street side to your front door. Overgrown bushes, hedges, gardens, or trees that get in the path for walking should be cut back. A clean and well-lit pathway that articulates the way to the front door is much better. This will make your home look inviting and is the first thing friends and family coming to the house will see.


Transition between yards landscape and the front porch

It is very appealing to have a transition area that is after the yard and before the porch. A few potted plants on the sides of your steps will add character. There are many things you can do depending on your homes color scheme. Experimenting with this area will go a long way.


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Seating on your porch

Even porches with not much square footage can benefit greatly from having a chair or small table close to the front door. This allows a sort of weigh point before going inside. This area is great for packages that are delivered or when carrying things in and out that you need to set down. With adding a chair or two on your front porch you put out an inviting appearance which is comforting.


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Decorating the front of your house

One of the biggest differences you can make to the front of your house is keeping up with the seasons. It is always very comforting during christmas seeing lights and wreaths. Bright reds and greens used on the front porch, and a candle in every window makes a normal home really special. This obviously applies to the season but decorations on the front of your house make your home feel much more comforting.

Other tips for boosting curb appeal!

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