Gourd-geous Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas for your Table

Gourd-geous Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas for your Table


It’s that wonderful time of year again when the leaves fall and we prepare to celebrate the harvest.  Thanksgiving brings family and friends to the table for delicious food and grateful sentiments.  When decorating your table, forget about the old candlesticks and grocery store floral arrangement.  This year, add some seasonal sophistication to your table with some of these inspiring Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas.


Thanksgiving centerpiece. wheat centerpiece. Thanksgiving decor

White Pumpkins

We love the vibrant orange colors of fall.  However, instead of using orange, red and yellow for your centerpiece, try a subtle approach by using white pumpkins.  White pumpkins are whimsical.  Purchase a few different sizes and line them up in the center of the table.  Add some depth with pine cones and mercury glass votive holders.  If you enjoy a DIY project, you can paint a message in calligraphy on the pumpkins for added festivity.  We like two pumpkins side by side that say “Give” and “Thanks.” Other ideas include “family,” “gather,” “count blessings” and “harvest.”



Incorporate elements of the harvest by using bundles of dried wheat.  Thick bundles of tall wheat add height to the table decor.  If you are planning on a long table, two or three bundles will do the trick.   Decorate the bundles with a fabric bow at the center.  For rustic appeal, a burlap bow works perfectly.  To infuse an elegant touch, try a satin or patterned fabric.  In addition to the natural appeal, they are very affordable!


Thanksgiving centerpiece. Thanksgiving decor. Cranberries


Another great Thanksgiving centerpiece idea is cranberries.  The deep red color bring beauty to any table.  They are also a convenient décor idea because they are already on your shopping list for fixings.  Fill a clear glass vase with cranberries and water, with a floating candle for ambiance.


Thanksgiving centerpiece. Thanksgiving garland

Autumn Garland

Plenty of stores carry autumn inspired garlands.  The options range from colorful maple leaves to min pumpkins and gourds.  Decide what kind of décor will go with your china and desired theme.  You can also take on the DIY project of crafting garland with dried flowers.  Local fabric and craft stores have plenty of faux autumn foliage and flowers.  Some of our favorites are white sunflowers, cream colored hydrangeas, sisal hemp seed, and yellow maple leaves.  Add some filler accents like wheat or berries.  Lay the garland down the center of the table and drape some over the ends of  each side.  You can also line the table with a fabric runner to add an underliner for the garland.  Add a few scattered votive candles and you have a beautiful centerpiece display.