Go off the Rails!  Deck Railing Design

Go off the Rails!  Deck Railing Design


We usually think of deck flooring as the primary aspect of the deck.   Have you considered the significance of the railing?  The deck railing is actually the most prominent design feature of your deck.  Your neighbors and visitors see the deck railing before any other part  of your deck.  New decking trends challenge the home owner to step outside of the box and experiment with colors, styles and even materials when selecting new railing.


Railing Components

When installing vinyl or non-wood deck railing, home owners have lots of decisions to make.  The most elaborate aspect of the railing is the post.  Posts are made up of a post sleeve, post sleeve cap, and a post sleeve skirt.  You are probably most familiar with the post sleeve cap with protrudes at the top of the post.  Balusters or spindles are the vertical bars of the railing that create the barrier.  There are also support rails and bottom rails as well as the top caps where you rest your hands.  You can customize each component to create a unique design.



Improve the nighttime visibility and safety of your deck with wireless solar deck lights.  Solar LED Rail lighting is most commonly installed in the sleeve cap to illuminate the hand rails and the perimeter of the deck.  You can also install recessed lighting under the bottom or top rails.  Lighting the deck railing adds sophisticated style and helps increase the functionality beyond day time use.



You can customize your deck railing by choosing more than one color.  Each component of the railing allows you to introduce an accent or contrasting color to make the structure pop.  Modern deck design features a contrast of white or black railings which match with almost any wood or deck floor color.  Consider using one color for the balusters and a different color for the top rails, bottom rails and posts.  There are so many options to pair that deciding on a design can become overwhelming.  We recommend looking at sample photos to see what style of color pairing appeals most to you.



Companies manufacture railing balusters in a variety of materials.  Railing design has evolved to incorporate the mixing of multiple materials on the same project.  While vinyl rails were designed to replicate wooden balusters, metal balusters can introduce an industrial sleekness to the design aesthetics.  The newest trend eliminates the baluster all together to feature clear acrylic panels.  This look creates a more open feel, rather than an enclosure.


With so many choices, you can customize your deck railing with limitless potential.  Home improvement projects should be fun and exciting so make sure to enjoy the personalized process of creating your new deck!



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