Get a Free Estimate on Your New Deck

Get a Free Estimate on Your New Deck


Are you moving into a new home and interested in adding some character to the backyard?  Or maybe you decided it’s time to finally build that outdoor living space you’ve always wanted.  We are talking about adding a brand new deck to your home.  With the evolution of decking, today’s home owner faces a world of options when it comes to shopping for a new deck.  Once you’ve decided to build, gather free estimates for your new deck.

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So Many Decisions

Building a deck is supposed to be simple right?  It’s not an interior addition requiring flooring, wall, and ceiling materials.  However, today’s decking includes plenty of choices from quality to design and even lighting.  The best way to build is with a knowledgeable decking company.  Search for a company that specializes in deck building.  Then, prepare your questions based on what you’re looking for.  The deck company should have lots of experience building new custom decks.  They can also help you make the right decisions for your property and budget.


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What to Expect from the Estimate

Unlike service work, ‘new builds,’ as they are called, require more than one meeting with the estimators.  In the first visit, consultants evaluate your property and home to confirm size and cross check local codes.  At this point, they also determine what size deck you want and discuss material options.  If you are on the fence about wood or wood alternative, ask the estimator for a comparative estimate.  Composite and PVC decking is sometimes double the cost of wood.  It’s helpful to way your options.  Explore layout and general shape of the new deck.  With this information, the consultant calculates costs and provides a quote for your new deck.


Design Details to Follow

If you are wondering when you get to pick out your decking, select your railing color, and see accessory options, stay tuned!  The first meeting let’s the consultant know the basics of what you want.  Give them enough information to provide you with an accurate price range.  If you move forward with the company, they should include free renderings of your deck.  Home Owners Associations often require formal drawings before approving construction work.  Ask the consultant about a design consultation.  This takes place in a show room or at your home.  In both scenarios you see samples of your options and learn about pricing differences for upgrades.

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