Get a Free Deck Estimate

Get a Free Deck Estimate


Is your deck in poor condition?  Have you noticed splitting boards or splintering wood?  Maybe your deck is old and unsafe.  If so, the best thing to do is get a free deck estimate on the repairs.  Getting an estimate is easy.  In this blog we outline the process of getting a deck repair estimate.


Why Get a Free Deck Estimate

When it comes to home improvement repairs, plenty of companies want your business.  The best way to choose the right company is to get an estimate for the work. With multiple estimates you have the tools needed to compare price verse value.  Also, the estimate provides you with a professional assessment of the damage.   What better way to learn exactly what repairs are needed than to ask a professional?  Multiple estimates gives the customer an advantage of bargaining.


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What to Expect During a Deck Estimate

Each and every deck is different.  There are plenty of characteristics unknown until they are evaluated in person.  For instance, the safety of the structure and condition of the boards require a home visit.  In order to provide an accurate estimate, a consultant will evaluate your deck.  They’ll inspect the foundation, steps, floor, and railing.  Then, the consultant provides a suggested repair plan.  With the proposed solution, the consultant assigns a price.  In general, the free deck estimate presents the opportunity to ask questions.  Use the chance to learn more about deck restoration.  Ask what exactly is included in the pricing.  Also ask what kind of warranty the company offers.


Getting a Free Estimate

To get a free estimate, research deck repair companies.  An online Google search is a great way to start.  Call the deck company and ask if they offer free estimates.  When scheduling the consultation, make sure to a lot 30 minutes to an hour for the meeting.  Some decks take longer to measure and assess.  You also want to leave plenty of time for asking questions.

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