Front Porch Safety Tips

Front Porch Safety Tips


Safety in the household is very important and the front porch is no exception. This area is the first place family and friends see as they enter your home so safety should be a consideration. Front porches and steps can be made safe in many ways and still maintain its curb appeal.

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Front porch steps

The majority of injuries that occur at your home are caused by falls. Front porch steps are an important place to increase safety because there is a higher chance of someone falling in that location. Make sure your steps are sturdy and do not need replacing. It is also important to check your handrails and make sure they are installed properly. Make sure to check your local building codes before installing new handrails.

 Front porch

Railings come in hand in many places including the front porch. Many front porches do not have railings. Adding them will not only increase the safety of your porch, but will also increase the curb appeal. There are many different styles of railings that will match your house and front yard. If installing balusters (the vertical posts) make sure they do not exceed four-inch spacing horizontally and they are at least 30 inches from the floor. For added safety avoid building the balusters horizontally as children will climb on them like a ladder.

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It is important for walkways to avoid having obstructions. Make sure bushes or any gardening does not obstruct the path to your front door or around your house. Added lights on any walkways not only increase the safety of family and friends but also increase your homes appearance. In colder snowy locations people install heaters under their driveway and walkways which increases comfort at the home and avoids freezing.


If you are looking to brighten up your front porch you are in luck! There are many light fixtures available to light up every corner of your house. A nice double bulbed front porch light will really brighten up the front of your house. My advice is to buy a double bulbed light in the chance that one of the bulbs could burn out. To increase vision and safety at night place lights on all corners of the house. Motion sensors usually come stock with most of the products on the market but if it doesn’t consider adding them.

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Porch Additions

A nice chair or bench on the front porch helps when your hands are full and trying to open the door. Packages being delivered can be placed on a chair or bench. A front porch rug will help reduce the amount of dirt and grime coming in the home from shoes.

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