Decorate your Windows- Fall Window Trends

Decorate your Windows- Fall Window Trends


What better way to enhance your beautiful windows than to add a little color with window boxes of flowers?  Window box arrangements, while vibrant and attractive in the spring and summer, are not limited to the warmer seasons.  Have fun this fall by creating autumn arrangements in your window boxes.  These fall window trends are a great way to boost seasonal curb appeal.  Here are some suggestions to help inspire your fall window box.


Color Palette

It’s true that autumn blooms provide less options in terms of color variety.  With that said, there are still plenty of colorful fall flowers to fill your window boxes until the frost arrives.  Instead of bright pinks and whites, design your boxes with deep purples, oranges, and yellows.  Many fall blooming flowers come in a variety of shades like violas that range from blue and violet to red.

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If color is a limitation, explore texture.  Create a dynamic fall window box by incorporating contrasting textures with the types of vines and flowers featured.  A great addition to any window box in the fall is some decorative kale.  Delicious in salads and lovely in your window displays.  Kale does well in cooler weather and will last until the first frost.

Also consider the layers of plants you add to your window box.  In addition to the fullness of mums and hanging English Ivy, you can achieve variation in height by using Mexican sage.  This plant blooms in September and is perfect for adding depth.

Check out this video for inspiration on Choosing Fall Flowers

Fall Accents

No need to restrict your fall window boxes to traditional flowers.  A fun way to enhance the arrangement is to incorporate mini pumpkins and gourds that will add color and seasonal flair.  Nestle a few colorful gourds in between the patches of pansies and mums to get a fantastic fall window box.

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Here are some wonderful fall blooms to consider:

Mexican Sage






Dwarf variety of Asters

English Ivy


Good luck with your fall window boxes!  Please share photos of your creative work.