5 Fall Maintenance Tips  

5 Fall Maintenance Tips  



With the change of season comes the itch to rejuvenate our households.  Spring and fall are even more motivating times of year because they represent a transition into extreme heat and extreme cold respectively.  They are innovating seasons in which we prepare for the next.  With the fall rapidly approaching, we wanted to share a few painless home maintenance tips for this season.


  1. Clean or replace heating system filters

Gear up for the colder months by servicing your heating system.  Changing the air filter is an easy way to maintain the system and keep it working well.  Waiting until it’s already cold outside can be a chilling risk to take.  Knock this task out in the fall so that your transition into heating the house is a smooth one.


  1. Reverse the ceiling fan

You probably never noticed, but the ceiling fan directs air in a particular direction of upward or downward.  During the hot summer months, the ceiling fan is supposed to be blowing air downward.  Reversely, in the winter, the fan is most efficient if it creates an upward draft.  This simple change is an energy saving trick.

Home Maintenance Tips


  1. Cover air conditioners

Now that your air conditioner is gearing up for its annual hibernation, you should consider winterizing the outside unit.  Make a small investment in a protective cover that will shelter the unit through the harsh wind rain and snow of the bitter winter.  This is an easy maintenance tips

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  1. Inspect your roof

Your roof is a quintessential component of your shelter.  While the weather is still mild, take a peak up top and inspect the shingles.  It’s much easier and more cost efficient to make minor repairs and patches in the fall than it is to deal with damage and replacement needs in inclement weather.


  1. Winterize your outdoor water fixtures

We all have outdoor faucets for hoses and possibly other fixtures like outdoor showers or utility sinks.  Make plans to turn off exterior water valves and winterize the faucets. This will prevent them from freezing. For helpful tips on how to winterize, check out this video:

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