Fall Home Improvement- Insulate Your Windows & Doors

Fall Home Improvement- Insulate Your Windows & Doors


Draft-Free Doors

We are easing into fall, which means it’s time to prepare for the cold weather.  Examine your entry doors to see if there are improvements that can be made in how well they are insulated. Check the weather seals annually.  An easy and cost effective way to improve the energy efficiency of entry doors is to replace the weatherstripping and install a sweep.  For an easy tutorial on making your doors draft free, check out this article on weatherstripping.Entry Doors

Door Snakes

You probably remember seeing these underneath entry way, bedroom, and bathroom doors.  While you may be thinking this is an old school method of blocking drafts, it still works.  These days, there are so many designs, colors, and patterns to choose from that you can coordinate a door snake with the décor.   While old fashioned, they are still effective in minimizing drafts that creep in under the door. Additional  Home Improvement Tips 

DIY Window Insulation

For DIY insulating, check air leaks to seal the windows from both interior and exterior with simple caulking.  Caulking the windows inside and out can provide an inexpensive improvement to the energy efficiency of your windows.Another quick fix to consider is applying insulating window film.  The window film is not 100% clear, which means it affects the clarity of the view.  While effective at promoting insulation, they are not aesthetically ideal.  We discourage insulated window film for the windows in the front of the house, however, recommend trying it on bedroom and bathroom windows. 

Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Window treatments serve as decorative accents, but can also help in promoting energy efficiency.  Cellular shades can reduce the loss of heat in the winter.  They serve as a barrier to help prevent warm air from escaping. Choose heavy materials when selecting drapes and curtains.  Experiment with multiple layers of window treatments (blinds and curtains) to keep the room as warm as possible.  Make sure to install drapery or cellular shades as close to the window as possible to optimize the barrier’s effectiveness.  Next time you are shopping for drapes or blinds, consider their functionality as an energy efficient fixture. 

Install Storm Windows

Improve thermal efficiency by adding storm windows to the outside or inside of your existing windows.  Instead of a total window replacement, installing storm windows offers a more affordable alternative to help reduce heat loss during the colder months.  While they come in a variety of materials, we recommend using something more durable than plastic sheets or panels.  ProVia carries quality Aluminum Storm Windows in various styles and 13 vibrant colors.  ReferencesJ. Garskof, (n.d.). How to make your doors draft-free with weatherstripping. This Old House. Retrieved fromhttps://www.thisoldhouse.com/how-to/how-to-make-your-doors-draft-free-weatherstripping