Enjoy a New Composite Deck in 2017

Enjoy a New Composite Deck in 2017


This year is the year!  You know you want a better outdoor living space and a new deck is the key.  If you are building new, you might as well consider wood alternative decking. That’s right, we mean composite.   Composite decking comes with plenty of benefits that make it the premium decking choice.  In addition to the advantages, composite decking looks great!  Install a new composite deck in 2017 and enjoy maintenance free fun in the sun.

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Why is Composite the Right Option?

If you like the idea of a big deck, but dread the annual maintenance attached, go with composite.  The best part about composite decking is that it’s easy to own.  Unlike wood, there’s no need to stain, refinish, or protect the deck.  Another big advantage is the durability of composite.  With about 20 years in existence, companies have had time to improve their products.  Today’s composite is mold resistant, mildew resistant, fade resistant, and UV inhibiting.  It stands up to the weather exposure with impressive resilience.


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Design Focused

To be honest, there are only so many design options available with natural wood decks.  Sure, you can choose a layout option, and hand-pick the type of lumber.  But aside from the type of wood and stain color, most wooden decks look the same.  Composite on the other hand, opens the door to a plethora of design options.  Modern railings feature a combination of materials from composite to metal and even glass.  Also, the decking itself makes combining colors and patterns fun.  Deck floors can feature more than one color, creating a dynamic outdoor living space.  Additionally, composite decking comes with plenty of accessory options.  Take post caps for instance.  You can stick with a monochromatic look, or install a copper toned cap. Brands also offer LED components light lantern-shaped post caps or recessed lights.

Good Investment

It’s no secret composite decks are much more expensive than wooden ones.  However, they add value to your property.  Your home is much more appealing with a sleek composite deck than it is with a wooden deck.  In the grand scheme of things, composite decking is only more expensive at the time of your investment.  If we consider the continual costs associated with maintaining wooden decks including stain, labor, and lumber replacement, the composite deck ends up being the smarter investment.  With composite it’s a one and done kind of purchase.

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