Choosing Energy Efficient Doors for your Home

Choosing Energy Efficient Doors for your Home


Entryway doors are the main passage into your home and can enhance the aesthetic quality of your house’s architecture.  In addition to being attractive, secure, and durable, it’s also important to consider how energy efficient your door is.  Replacing your main entryway is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home and add an element of style to the exterior.  Did you know that a quality door can also reduce the amount of hot or cool air that escapes?  A well designed and installed door creates energy related benefits.  Install energy efficient doors and enjoy the advantages.


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Why Invest in Energy Efficient Doors?

Replacing your entry door is a great investment that will reduce heating and cooling costs.  We are talking about keeping the cold air inside during the hot months and keeping the warm air inside during the cooler months with as little air leakage as possible.  In addition to promoting year-round comfort inside your home, energy efficient options also save you money.  Climate characteristics should be a consideration when choosing the appropriate replacement door.  If you live in a state like Maryland, you experience all 4 seasons and can benefit from the savings of an energy efficient door.


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What to Look For

Now that you know what to consider, which doors are the most energy efficient?  Newer doors fit better and insulate better than older designs.  Progressive door companies feature design options that will promote energy efficiency entry doors through increased insulation.  The average entryway door is 1 ¾ inches thick.  Embarq by Provia offers a entry door that is 2 ½ inches thick and has insulated channels as well as a dual perimeter seal for maximum insulation.  You also want to make sure you choose a door with a polyurethane foam core.  Polyurethane, as opposed to solid wood, will also provide excellent installation.  It’s important to remember that not all doors are created equal.  A more expensive option may be reflective of a more efficient investment.


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