Ellicott City Deck Refinishing

Ellicott City Deck Refinishing


The mid-size town of Ellicott City is filled with single-family homes.  Whether buying or selling an Ellicott City home, the real estate investments hold their value.  An easy way to increase property value is to have your deck restored.  The outdoor living spaces are just as important as the interior ones.  Curb appeal and backyard appearance affect the overall property value.  Consider investing in Ellicott City deck refinishing.


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What Is Ellicott City Deck Refinishing?

If may be asking yourself, “what is deck refinishing?”  You wouldn’t be the first home owner that’s never heard of deck restoration.  The idea behind refinishing your deck is that not all decks need to be rebuilt.  Refinishing means the surface is sanded and sealed to revive the wood.  The process includes commercial grade floor sanding.  Technicians also use an epoxy polymer to seal cracks.  Unrepairable boards get replaced.  After all repairs are made, they apply two applications of an oil based wood stain.  The stain protects the wood against future damage.

Why Pay for Ellicott City Deck Refinishing?

Sometimes the structure is strong, but the surface needs a facelift.  Instead of buying a new deck, spend half the cost on having your deck refinished.  New construction is expensive.  With the price of lumber and labor, building a new deck is a sizable investment.  Building new also requires permitting.  Refinishing is the less expensive option.  In addition to making a more economical choice, refinishing a deck restores its natural beauty.  Refinishing also includes a safety inspection.  Technicians review weak points in the deck and tighten the structure.  Booking Ellicott City deck refinishing guarantees you a safe and beautiful deck.


Ellicott city deck refinishing, repair deck

When Should I Have My Deck Refinished?

If you know your deck is in desperate need of deck refinishing, contact a deck company sooner than later.  The longer you wait, the more damage your deck suffers.  Each year of UV and water exposure causes more damage.  We think about the appearance of our decks during the warmer months.  While it’s easy to ignore the deck during the winter, the delays make matters worse.  Invest in deck refinishing as soon as you notice problems.  Deck companies are very busy all spring and summer.  For lower prices and less of a wait, try booking deck refinishing before the season or at the end of the season.

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