Pros and Cons of Double VS. Triple-Pane Windows in Baltimore

Pros and Cons of Double VS. Triple-Pane Windows in Baltimore


When it comes to choosing the right double-paned or triple-pane windows for your home, explore all the pros and cons.  Understanding window panes and performance helps you choose the best replacement windows for your budget and home.


Types of Window Frames

Start by choosing the type of frame you want. Window frames are typically constructed out of vinyl, metal or fiberglass. Ideally, you want a frame that offers a closed-back. Closed-back window frames are constructed out of fiberglass, which provides superior insulating properties. However, unlike vinyl or metal window frames, poor-quality closed-back fiberglass window frames can warp.   So, it’s important to choose a window manufacturer with a proven track record and a lifetime warranty.

Windows with vinyl frames are less expensive and thicker than fiberglass frames. The increased thickness offers additional energy savings when compared to metal frames and poor-quality fiberglass frames.

Metal frames are manufactured out of aluminum or steel.  They are also the cheapest frame option available.  However, metal window frames readily conduct heat.  This makes them a poor choice for areas that get cold winters.


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Double-Pane Windows in Baltimore

Double-pane windows have two panes of glass that are separated by a small space. Manufacturers fill the space wihth air, argon gas, or krypton gas. This depends on the specific window you choose.  Adding Low-E coating increases the energy efficiency of the window.  THe coating reduces infrared heat transfer from the sun into your home.


Pros of Double-Pane Replacement Windows

  • 18 to 24 Percent Reduction in Energy Usage
  • Available in a Variety of Frame Types
  • Better Sound-Proofing
  • Popular Window Replacement Choice

Cons of Double-Pane Replacement Windows

  • Poorly Constructed Double-Paned Windows Can Negate Energy Savings
  • Frame Choice Matters When It Comes to Durability and Longevity

Double-Pane Window Costs

Double-pane windows cost an average of $600 per window, according to HomeAdvisor. Keep in mind this average includes big box store windows as well as top rated brands.  The best double-paned windows cost about $800 to $900 per window.


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Triple-Pane Windows in Baltimore

Triple-pane windows have three panes of glass. This makes them more energy efficient than double-pane windows, and like double-paned windows, the spaces between the glass can be filled with regular air, argon gas or krypton gas.  Triple-pane windows also come with a Low-E coating option.


Pros of Triple-Pane Replacement Windows

  • 50 Percent Energy Savings over Single-Pane Windows
  • Superior Insulation and Sound-Proofing
  • Best Choice for Cold Climates
  • Exceptionally Durable

Cons of Triple-Pane Replacement Windows

  • Heavy
  • Most Expensive Type of Replacement Window
  • Prone to Exterior Condensation

Triple-Pane Window Costs

You can expect your triple-pane window cost to be about 25 to 30 percent more than double-pane windows, which brings the average cost per window to $780.





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