Do I Need to Replace My Roof?

Do I Need to Replace My Roof?


The roof is an important part of your home.  One of the first things a person notices on your home is the roof, and so it not only shelters what is in your home, it also says something about you.  The best way to maintain your roof is to be proactive.  The purpose of this blog is to let you know what goes in to a roofing estimate and when it is necessary to replace your roof.  No matter how well you maintain your roof, you will eventually have to replace it.  However, to start, here are some ideas to help you with roof maintenance.  If you follow this advice, then your roof will last longer.

  1. Keep a box of replacement shingles. If shingles are damaged, then leaks may start.  Some small leaks in roofs may not require repairs.  However, if a roof leaks over a prolonged period, then mold may form and water may cause mold or damage the structure of the home.  If you notice damage to shingles, then pry up the shingles around the damaged ones and nail down your replacements.
  2. Clean your gutters. Make sure to clean your gutters at the end of fall or the beginning of winter, when falling leaves may have collected.  If you have clogged gutters, then the rain water will build up.  Rainwater can be deceptively heavy, and so clogged gutters can sag.  Water spilling over the sides of the gutters will damage your foundation.  However, as for the roof, if your gutters are clogged and water is building up, then ice may not have a place to melt to and drain.  Clogged gutters can contribute to leaks.
  3. Inspect your roof after large storms. Roofs are sturdy and made to withstand the elements.  However, this sturdiness is not invulnerability.  Large storms and extreme weather can damage flashing and shingles.  It is best to stop problems in the beginning, before they become severe.  So, make sure to inspect your roof after large storms to make minor repairs if necessary.
  4. Call a professional. If there is extensive leaking in your roof, then it may be necessary to call a professional to fix those leaks.  Likewise, if you notice pests gathering around your soffits, then it may be necessary to call an exterminator.  Know your limits, and know when you need to call a professional.

Now that you have some advice on how to fix problems before they start, we can look at what goes in to replacing a roof.  Before we discuss reasons to replace a roof, we should look at what goes in to the cost of replacing a roof.  It is important to understand the labor behind replacing a roof so that you know how a roofer decides his or her estimate.  Here are the aspects a roofer views:

  1. The cost of materials. Materials include any shingles, nails and normal materials.  However, it also includes materials that may be specific to your home, either because of a unique architectural element or the location around your home.
  2. The removal of waste. Shingles must go somewhere, and so it is important to understand that waste and old materials can add expense to the job of replacing your roof.
  3. Labor can be general or unique.  Homes that have many layers of shingles will need more work to remove those shingles.  Likewise, homes with many skylights or chimneys may need special measure that make the cost of labor more.
  4. The pitch of your roof. If your roof is dynamically shaped, then it will cost more.  Understand that extreme slopes and multiple eaves will increase cost.

Now that you know what goes in to roof maintenance and the evaluation of the cost, we can finally review the reasons to replace your roof.  Hopefully, you now see that, in many circumstances, fully replacing your roof is unnecessary.  However, there are some times to replace your roof.  These are:

  1. When your roof is at the end of its service life. Shingles roofs generally last about 25 years.  At the end of that time, it is necessary to replace your roof.
  2. When the roof is extensively damaged. If there are many leaks, the it is probably time to replace your roof.
  3. Cosmetic reasons. Changing the look of your roof can increase your home’s resale value.
  4. Eco-friendly reasons. Planet friendly living is more important to people than it ever has been.  There are many eco-friendly roofing options.


If you think you may need to replace your roof, then you should start think about what work you want done.  In many circumstances, you may be able to repair sections of your roof yourself and save yourself significant cost.  Finally, it is never too late to start caring for your roof.  Be proactive!

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