DIY Deck Repair vs. Hiring a Company

DIY Deck Repair vs. Hiring a Company


The first step to revamping your deck is determining what kind of deck repair you need, (which will also help shape your budget). Deck maintenance similar to power washing the patio as part of pre-summer ritual, can be an annual chore. We are going to outline the pros and cons of doing the work yourself compared to hiring professionals. Is the finished product is the same?  Are the savings from DIY worth the burden?


I Think I Can

Interested in maintaining your deck with an annual power washing?  Perhaps a few trips to Home Depot for a few board replacements. If you are handy and skilled at geometry, framing comes naturally. The next step involves prepping the deck for a protective stain. While it’s a popular myth that you should power wash your deck, pressure washing damages the wood. If you have a smaller deck, and lots of spare time, sand the surface with hand sanders or sand paper. After sanding, apply the stain.  How do you know which stain to choose? The paint professionals in the stores suggest finishes to meet your preferences. For skilled indoor/outdoor painters, it’s fairly easy to get out the ol’ brushes and stain the deck yourself.  Two coats work best to apply the stain evenly. Be mindful of drips and bubbles fora  smooth finish. While you save money, consider the difficulty involved.  To summarize, refinishing the deck involves painting, wood knowledge, and lots of time.


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Specialist Please

Let’s be honest; paying anyone to do any kind of labor around your home is never ideal. While doing it yourself is economical, deck repairs can be complicated and better left to the professionals. A company that specializes in this type of work can help you make educated decisions. For example, whether or not a board can be saved is something an installer decides after careful inspection of damages, cracks, and strength of the wood. In order to get the most out of your repairs, it’s best to replace the bad boards. We can’t save them all!

What’s in your Tool Box?

In addition to the experience that comes with professionals, there is of course the use of commercial grade tools.  While you may own an impressive collection of power tools, it’s quite doubtful that you have a commercial grade floor sander lying around the garage.  Professional companies will bring out  the big guns like this Clarke Super 7R floor sander,  to give your deck the proper refinish.  Deck repair specialists will use a floor sander to remove all coatings, paints, and stains from the deck, returning the wood to its natural state and smoothing out the surface before staining. This finish is impossible to achieve with hand sanding, no matter how many hours you put in.

So we covered experience, skillset, and tools.

Refinish Deck

We have to also mention the benefit of having a warranty on the work. If you notice issues with a DIY deck, you’ll have to give it another go. Professional companies offer a warranty that guarantees you a maintenance free product. When choosing a deck repair company, make sure to ask about their warranty and how the process works. With weather and high traffic, it’s almost inevitable that you will need touch ups. How will the company handle this? If the answer is by ensuring the work and providing complimentary repairs, this adds value to their proposed contract.


Your deck is an extension of your house and as such should be maintained to meet a certain aesthetic standard you are proud of. A deck repair specialist can transform your aged, peeling deck into a revitalized, newly finished deck. Restoring a deck costs 1/3 of a rebuilding or new build price.

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  1. Dad

    ” A deck repair specialist can transform your aged, peeling deck into a revitalized, newly finished deck. Restoring a deck costs 1/3 of a rebuilding or new build price.” Oh really? We paid $4000 for the total rebuilding of the deck we have. New steps, rails, boards, gate… That means you’ll restore it for 1/3rd of the cost. All wood is good so no need to replace it. $1335.00 should cover it. When will you start?


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