Different Styles and Uses of Gazebos

Different Styles and Uses of Gazebos


A backyard gazebo provides many uses and benefits to your yard. A perfectly placed gazebo allows guests to sit outside and enjoy your landscape.  The covering even provides shelter during inclement weather. Built in many shapes and sizes, wood is easily customizable for your needs. Deciding which type of gazebo fits your needs is the most important decision to make. Generally they are built using 3 different types of materials. Options of steel, wood, or vinyl provide different uses and benefits. As a result there are many companies that can provide pretty much anything you are looking for.


backyard gazebo, steel gazebo

Steel Gazebo

These heavy and more industrial styled gazebos are customized in many different ways.  They are not the best fit for a backyard but are still an option. It is extremely hard to damage steel due to its hardness and the characteristics of steel.  This makes steel gazebos great for parties and entertainment. Many options for customizing include distinct panel designs, rails, roofing, and weather vanes. As a result of its material the biggest downside of a metal gazebo is the potential rust.


backyard gazebo, wooden gazebo

Wood Gazebo

Often built with cedar, a wood gazebo is a great fit for your back yard. The warm colors of the wood bring character and beauty to almost any landscape. A garden or set of small trees look even better with a gazebo comfortably placed next to it. The different shape and size options inspire customization. Cedar is treated which prevents decay and insects.  It’s also strong enough to handle heavy snowfalls and windstorms.

Wood makes adding accessories to gazebos easy. A flower box, bench, table, or decorative trim will add character and functionality to your gazebo. This style gazebo will provide a great place to read a book, entertain guests, or just sit and listen to nature. The only downfall of a wooden gazebo is the need for maintaining the wood. Pressure washing and re-lackering your backyard gazebo helps maintain the wood and overall quality.


backyard gazebo, vinyl gazebo, white gazebo

Vinyl Gazebo

This maintenance free gazebo is great if you do not mind its plastic appearance. It is much cheaper than wood but will not last as long due to the material. A pressure washer will clean the vinyl without worrying about damage. Customizing vinyl will cause problems due to the characteristics of plastic. This option is not as eye-pleasing as wood but for people looking for a cheap gazebo this would be a good fit.

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