Design Trends of Door Transoms and Sidelights

Design Trends of Door Transoms and Sidelights


Transoms and sidelights are a great addition to a front door, and they help to customize your entryway.  When you plan your entry way, it may be a good idea to consider installing a transom or side lights.  They can brighten your entrance in addition to enhancing the front steps or entry-way porch.



What is a Transom?

The word “transom” is a little unusual, therefore you should not worry if it’s unfamiliar.  A transom is a window above an entryway door. Transoms became popular because they accent nearby architecture.  They can let light into a hallway that darkens early in the evening, and they can draw attention to decorative ceilings.


Styles of Transoms and Sidel ights

Today, transoms and side lights are often either ornate or simple.  This preference for one extreme or the other may sound limiting, but in many cases it can help the customer decide what they want from their doorway.  Simple transoms and sidelight are small, casual windows that let in some light and provide a homey feeling.  On the other hand, ornate transoms and sidelights draw attention to their own unique nature.  Since transoms provide so much personality, you will often see custom ones.


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Examples of Transoms and Sidelight types

The main types of transoms you will see are either box shaped or fan shaped.  Box shaped transoms are usually inconspicuous.  However, some box shaped transoms serve to extend to high ceilings and let in as much light as possible.  On the other hand, fan shaped transoms traditionally serve the purpose of letting in as much light as possible.  Of course, fan shaped transom allow for customization, designs, and patterns, and so that is not a hard and fast rule.  Last, there are fully custom transoms.  Fully customized transoms include transoms in the shape of a triangle or rhombus, or some other type of unique shape.

As for sidelights, there are two main types.  The first type is a sidelight that extends almost the length of the door, whereas the second type of sidelight is roughly half the length of the door and allows light in through the top half.  Typically, you decide the length of your side light based on how much light you want to let in.  Sidelights can contain the same intricate metal and wood work as transoms, and they may use different types of glass so as to allow light in without providing vision of the home.

Transoms and sidelights are great ways to enhance the front entryway.  In addition to curb appeal, it’s also important to install an energy efficient door.