Design Consultation for New Deck Build

Design Consultation for New Deck Build


Building a new deck is fun!  In addition to the construction elements of strength, quality, and architecture, design plays a huge role.  Whether you opt for wood or wood alternative, create a beautifully designed deck.  Work with a deck company that offers complimentary design consultations.  Use the meeting to explore your options and search for the perfect pairing of materials and colors for your deck design.

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Decisions, Decisions

The most important decision that determines all others is which type of decking to use.  Most people know when building if they prefer natural wood or wood alternative.  Then, they have to decide between PVC or composite.  With so many composite brands that each have a few collections, it’s not an easy choice to make.  Ask the consultant which three brands they like best.  They’ll give you the three brands with the best track record, warranty and aesthetics.


After you choose a decking brand, consider which color you like best.  Some collections limit the colors to three, while others offer more than five.  For this choice, think about what pairs best with your home’s exterior.  After all, your deck is an extension of the house.  Choosing the floor decking is part one, and selecting railings is part two.  You want railings that compliment the decking.  Simple vinyl railings are white with white balusters.  Be adventurous and explore two tone railings or modern deck design with cable or glass balusters.

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Wood Decking

Wood decking is simpler than wood alternative in the scheme of design.  Although, there are still plenty of design elements to consider with a wooden deck.  For starters, what type of wood are you using?  Most builders use pressure treated pine.  However, there are plenty of other options that contribute to the design of your deck.  For instance, exotic woods like Ipe and Teak create a beautiful natural deck.  If you choose pressure treated lumber, your deck design consultation includes picking your stain color.  Do you prefer a semi-transparent stain or a solid stain?  Then, ask about railing design.  Wooden railings, unlike vinyl, can be built in a number of designs.  Deck builders are craftsman with plenty of embellishments up their sleeves.



Have fun designing the perfect deck.  Look into post coverings, stone tiles, and lighting.  Installing recessed lighting into deck steps and under rails makes for a beautiful ambiance.  Deck lighting also illuminates your deck for nighttime use.  For home owners with dogs, lighting makes the night time bathroom runs much safer.  One of our favorite deck accessory is the faux stone post cover.  They decorate the support posts under your deck, adding a beautiful design element.

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