What is Design Build in Construction?

What is Design Build in Construction?


Once you make the decision to build an addition or finish you basement, what’s the next step? Architect, general contractor, or a design build firm?


While in the past homeowners would call a contractor or construction manager and an architect, the new trend is to hire a design build firm.  This rapidly expanding segment streamlines the design and construction process by providing clients with design and build services under one roof.  By working with a design build company, the client experience is much smoother and less time consuming.


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Why Hire a Design Build Firm

Hiring a design build firm speeds up the building process from start to finish.  In the past, homeowners would have to research and meet with several architects, designers and contractors to determine which one best fit their needs. With a design build firm, all of those services and construction professionals are located within one company.  But why is this a more efficient way to work?


With the old system you were working with several different companies.  Whenever you bring different people together, there is a learning curve for them to get to know each other and how the other works.  Often, the homeowner would end up paying for this time.  With a design build firm, the professionals have worked together on multiple projects and already know how the other works.


The Design Build Process

The design build process starts with an initial in-home consultation. During the consultation, you will share your vision for the space, including your “must haves” and “like to haves.” While some homeowners have a strong understanding of costs associated with home improvement projects, others need a bit more guidance. During this consultation, a good designer will be able to offer creative solutions that help to combine your ideal budget with your wish list.  This helps to save you money by achieving the functionality and ambiance you are looking for at a lower cost.


The professionals at the design build firm will then create a preliminary drawing for you to review.  This process is collaborative process that may take a few revisions to perfect.  Once you finalize the design and materials for your project, the in-house architect will create schematics and blueprints.  At the end of this phase, a final contract will be written and a final cost will be determined.


After you approve your blueprints and sign the contract, the construction professionals will schedule start and end dates for your home renovation project or home addition. At this stage, all you have to do is prepare yourself and your family for construction. The home improvement firm will handle the rest.


It’s clear to see how working with a design build firm leads to:

  • Better quality design and construction services
  • Improved construction times
  • A budget-friendly project
  • Less homeowner stress


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