Delivering Quality Control in the Home Improvement World

Delivering Quality Control in the Home Improvement World


Quality Control

Quality Control is the most important concept to understand in the industry. During construction, maintaining quality work on time is essential. Supervision of projects requires consistent and an organized approach. Each phase of construction should be checked against the drawings, specifications, and conditions. Completing daily or weekly quality control inspections on your home during construction is advised. Educating yourself on the process of work and the quality of the construction is vital. This is your home and understanding how it is put together is important.


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Without getting in the way of the workers it is always a good gesture to offer cold water or beverages. Not only does this help build the bond between builders and home owners, but this also grows trust and respect. Make sure to be polite on site and take a walk around to make sure all sites are safe. If there are problems deal with them in a direct but diplomatic way. Talking with the lead person or foreman on site would be the right contact to make.


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Work Flow

It is important to make sure the work flow of the site is in place. If things seem out of order and looks a mess bring this up with the contractor. Building materials should not be sitting out in rain or any other weather for an extended period of time. Make sure that everything is in order and the leader of the construction has control of his/her workers. Project deadlines are important to meet and a confused work flow can delay construction.


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Understanding warranties

Become familiar with your states “notice-and-opportunity-to-repair” or (NOR) laws. This provides contractors a chance to repair any defects before seeking out other options. If your state provides a “home warranty policy” or “warranty of habitability” laws understand your rights. This can protect you from defective work. Warranties between the contractor and homeowner provide a level of trust. This ensures the quality of work will maintain its value. If not the contractor will come back and fix any problems. Your home is where you will spend a lot of time and a warranty will ensure quality work.

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