3 Most Important Deck Safety Tips

3 Most Important Deck Safety Tips


Is your Deck Safe?  We talk about design, restoration, and durability of the surface.  Now the importance of deck safety tips.  Millions of decks collapse every year.   In fact, decks can present serious danger for the home owners and their house guests.  For this reason, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to guarantee the safety of your property.  Here are some helpful tips for maintaining the safety of your deck.

Know the Facts

The International Association of Home Inspections calculates more than 2 million decks are built or restored in North America every year.  Out of 45 million decks, less than half are considered structurally safe, (Gromicko, 2009).  A study in 2007 shows “deck collapses are increasing at an average rate of 21% per year,” (M. Morse, Corwin, R. Morse, & Johnson, 2007).  As a result, all homeowners with aging decks should be concerned.  Moreover, homeowners should avoid the risks by understanding the risk factors.  As suggested above, learn more about deck safety inspections- Inspecting a Deck, Illustrated.

Deck Safety Tips Awareness

The appearance of your deck can be deceiving.  Consequently, the age of the wood and surface condition are difficult to evaluate.  With this in mind, pay attention to the structural condition.  It is important to realize the weakness in the early stages.  In addition to the structure itself, you should also consider the deck surroundings.  For example, trees, grills, and fire pits impact deck safety.  NADRA shares this helpful Consumer Check List to promote deck safety awareness.


Professional Inspections

We recommend inspecting your deck annually.  Water is the #1 enemy of wooden structures. This means yearly rain and snow can cause rapid damage.  However, there are many factors that contribute to a structure’s strength.  For example, nail and screw length as well as spacing between joists affect safety.  In any event, hiring a professional is the best way to maintain safety.  During the inspection they will survey the structure and examine the conditions.  A professional inspector knows what to look for and will make sure to evaluate all factors.


For more helpful hints, watch this video- brought to you by Archadeck Outdoor Living.



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