Why does Deck Restoration Cost so Much?

Why does Deck Restoration Cost so Much?


Many home owners enjoy the relaxing outdoor environment surrounding their houses.  When we think of outdoor living, we think of patios, pools, grills, and yes- decks!  Your deck is an important fixture and needs regular maintenance.  Restoring your deck requires much more than a quick and easy brush over.  That’s right, it is a big project.  So, why does deck restoration cost so much?  This blog explains the details of this specialized service.

“It’s not that bad”

Are you in denial about the condition of your deck?  We try convincing ourselves the deck needs a good cleaning and new coat of stain.  As educated consumers, we know that more damage equals more expensive.  The truth is, a new coat of stain can only go so far. It also can’t fix warping, splintered, and cracked wood.  Damaged wood becomes a safety issue.  Deck professionals recommend the service that you need.  Unfortunately, this is not always the service you can afford. To prepare yourself for deck restoration costs, really consider the condition of your deck.

 Deck Restoration Cost. Framing. Wood Decking Costs

Wood Isn’t Cheap

You know what they say, “wood doesn’t grow on trees.”  Oh wait, it does!  However, it is very expensive.  Lumber costs most likely increased since you had your deck built.  You can’t compare the price you paid to build a deck 15 years ago given today’s material costs.  Think about how much wood the installers need to replace damaged boards for your project.  Framing a deck, even if just parts of it, requires transporting lumber, cutting lumber, installing, and demolition removal for the old wood.  All of these factors have a cost.  And those costs affect your price.


Specialized Skills

Now let’s discuss the skill set of the laborers.  Home owners struggle to effectively restore their decks themselves.  That’s because it’s hard!  The job is physically demanding and requires a triad of skills.  Deck restoration specialists excel at carpentry, refinishing, and painting.  They also use a wide variety of expensive tools from table saws to commercial floor sanders.  This means that the handyman up the street with a power washer and paint brush doesn’t compare.

Deck Restoration Cost. Wood Decking Costs.


Like any other industry, premium services cost more than the bargain deal.  Sometimes the cheapest option leads to disappointment.  Professionals offering multi-step restoration with long term warranty charge a price that reflects the quality of service you receive.  Well paid professionals work hard, perform well and go the extra mile.  Another cost factor is the service warranty.  Guaranteeing the work and products for extended amounts of time is a continuous cost for the company to bare.  The security of a guarantee adds value to the work.


To summarize, specialized, quality work costs more than a few hundred dollars.  The good news is that home improvement companies offer free in-home estimates.  It never hurts to ask.  Learning about pricing helps us create realistic budgets for the projects we plan.


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