Guidelines for Deck Building-How to Plan your Deck Project

Guidelines for Deck Building-How to Plan your Deck Project


Deck building can be a confusing process when planning alone without talking with professionals. The functionality you are looking to achieve is most important. An entertainment area for friends or just a small area to sit both need proper planning. Let’s take a look at what needs to be done before any construction can start.


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First, you will need to identify the exact functionality of your deck. Based on functionality you will make deck building decisions on the shape, location, and size of the deck. If you are looking to entertain guests you should plan to have room for a grill and seats. If a small seating area for only one or two people is more your style then less area will be needed. Regardless planning to have a place where people sit and a place where people walk is incredibly important. You do not want your guests climbing over chairs to get back inside. If you or friends have kids this is also a consideration before building your deck. Safety is important and should be at the top of your priority list.

How to Build a Deck for Outdoor Entertaining


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Location of Deck

Many things should be considered when picking the location of your deck. A south facing deck is popular due to the added sunlight throughout the day. If in extremely hot climates the opposite could be utilized to avoid direct sunlight. Where will it look best on your house? The yards layout should be considered as well when planning the location. There are many options to choose from when finding a door that transitions to your deck. You could get a double door that can open in or out or an original sliding glass door like most homes. This transition are is a great place to set a mood for your guests. Double open doors with screened sliders closed makes the connecting room in the house feel much larger.

Deck Building on a Hillside


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Size Matters

It really depends on your yards dimensions when considering how big of a deck you will need. It should match the layout of your home as well. What size looks best on your house? What activities will you be doing on your deck? If entertaining guests and cooking is essential then a larger deck would be prevalent. Make sure to know the general size and layout of your deck before building or paying someone to install a deck.