Putting the Customer First with Modern Home Improvement Companies

Putting the Customer First with Modern Home Improvement Companies


Customer service standards evolve with the times.  In today’s world poor customer service spreads like wildfire.  Sharing technology such as Facebook and Titter transformed word of mouth to word of post!   With this publicizing culture, companies face the pressure of providing outstanding customer service.  Home Improvement Companies come from a ‘set it and forget it’ attitude towards customers and their projects.   Well, not anymore.  We challenge home remodeling companies to step up to the plate!  After all, nothing is more personal than your  home and home owners deserve quality customer service.  It’s all about putting the customer first!


Setting True Expectations

Our customers are smart, curious, and most of all, trusting.  Home Improvement Companies owe the customer an accurate estimate of cost, time frame, and quality.  We call this setting expectations.  The #1 best way to provide outstanding customer service is to set the right expectations for our customers.  For instance, promising an immediate start when you are extremely busy creates a false expectation that will never be met.  The customer feels frustrated and the relationship sours from the beginning.  We strive to be honest with customers.  Belive it or not, they appreciate the transparency.


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Punctuality is Important

Some people say nothing is more valuable than your time.  Home owners rearrange their schedule and often their work day in order to be available.  Arriving late sets a bad precedent.  One of the most frustrating parts of getting home remodeling work done is the amount of time it takes to complete.  Showing up late prolongs the project.  It also shows disregard for the customer’s valuable time.  Being on time consistently is a great way to respect customers’ valuable time.


Keeping you in the Loop

As we mentioned, our customers are smart and curious.  They want to know the who, the what, and the how.  We think they deserve to know! Providing quality customer service means communicating clearly and frequently.  Customers need updates throughout the progress work.  Additionally, changes and challenges call for discussion.  Customers enjoy the experience more when they are included in the project management.


It’s not you, it’s me

Why do home improvement companies break up with their customers when they finish the job?  They do the work, get paid and leave you behind.  We don’t want our customers feeling like they were just another job.  The truth is, customers and their happy experiences equal more customers.  Happy customers also create the opportunity for repeat business.  The best customer-company relationships are the ones where you feel like part of the family.  Trust is a difficult thing to gain from customers.  Once it’s earned, it should be nurtured.  Returning customers reflect a business’s core values.  Putting the customer first means considering their experience as the most important part of our services.


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