Benefits of Building a Covered Deck

Benefits of Building a Covered Deck


Do you enjoy the warmth of the great outdoors without the beaming sunlight?  Consider outdoor living spaces with some shelter.  Pergolas are great, but they have openings.  The best way to protect your outdoor living space is to build a covered deck.  Covered decks work on ground levels and as an elevated deck.  With different design options and features to choose from, you can customize the perfect covered deck for your home.

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Benefits of a Covered Deck

Types of Covered Decks

Covered Deck Features


Why Build a Covered Deck?

Decks give us a place to relax and entertain while enjoying nature.  So, why worry about putting a roof on a deck?  Glad you asked.  There are multiple reasons why home owners build covered decks.  First, we consider how a covering maximizes deck use.  Rain limits how much you can use your deck.  Open decks are only used on clear sky days.  With a covering above, home owners enjoy fresh air and dry relaxation even in the rain.  Another benefit of a covered deck is the added protection.  UV rays from the sun continually dry out wood, causing cracks. Rain also damages decks.  A deck covering eliminates the problems associated with sun and water damage.



A covering creates protection.  A covered deck shelters occupants, and also protects the deck wood.  Uncovered decks get direct sun exposure on a daily basis.  They also have no protection against rainfall and snow.  Deck boards get wet, then rely on the sun to dry.  As the boards dry and shrink, the pressure causes cracking.  To see the effects of covered versus uncovered wood, take a look at any uncovered deck.  The boards closest the house fair better than the ones farther out from the exterior wall. The reason is that the eaves of the home cover the few boards against the house.  Even this little bit of covering protects the wood enough to extend its lifespan.

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Types of Covered Decks

There are many different covered deck designs.  Three popular types include two-levels, gazebos, and porches.  Two-level covered decks create an upper and lower level.  Both levels benefit from protective coverings.  The floor of the upper level makes the natural covering of the bottom deck.  Another popular type of covered deck is a gazebo.  Traditional gazebos stand alone as a remote structure.  However, many decks feature sections with gazebo-like coverings.  Sometimes these gazebos extend out from a corner or side of the main deck.  Porches are also considered a covered deck.  Whether they greet visitors in front, or wrap around the back, they include a deck floor and a covered roof.

Added Features

Regardless of what kind of covered deck you build, make sure to include some unique additional features.  With the covering, you can enjoy indoor features such as lighting.  Think about the design of your covered deck and which type of lighting fixtures work best.  Hanging rustic chandeliers compliment peak roofs.  Recessed lighting works well on flat ceilings.  In addition to lighting, enhance the comfort level by adding a fan.  A ceiling fan circulates air and cools the space on hot days.  Another cool covered deck feature are skylights.  Skylights allow you to enjoy natural sunlight.  A few skylights in the roof make you feel like the space is more open.

Another feature made possible with a covered deck is an outdoor kitchen.  The covering provides protection for sinks, ovens, and grills.  Enjoy cooking and entertaining outside without having to work from inside.



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