Deck Wash, the Spa Treatment for Your Deck

Deck Wash, the Spa Treatment for Your Deck

Even decks need a good cleaning.  Despite what you think, the rain does not wash away the dirt found on your deck.  The good news is that you can clean your deck every year to remove dirt and discoloration.  Decks suffer from a variety of threats.  Some are unavoidable.  It’s important to keep your deck clean by getting rid of harmful contaminants.  Using a deck wash cleanses the wood and preserves its beauty.deck wash, stains on a deck, mold on deck

How Dirty is your Deck?

One of the most visible deck problems is the discoloration that happens over time.  Pressure treated white pine turns into an unattractive gray color.  This process is called oxidation. To put it simply, oxidation describes the transfer of oxygen.  When deck boards gain oxygen, they become discolored.  Another indicator you have a dirty deck is mold.  Trapped moisture breeds greenish mold.  Unfortunately, mold is a bad sign for your deck.  Algae is also a troublesome growth sometimes found on deck wood.Sometimes treating a deck causes dirt accumulation.  That’s right; it could be your fault.  Power washing is extremely harmful for decks because the pressure pushes water and dirt particles into the wood.  Additionally, deteriorating stain tarnishes your deck wood.  Poor quality stains chip and break down faster.  If left on the deck without being stripped, they make your deck look old and dirty. deck wash, gray deck wood, repair deck

Cleaning Solution

Fortunately, all of these dirt factors can be cleaned.  By using a professionally formulated deck wash, home owners remove many of these contaminants.  Deck washes are a great way to revive the natural wood and expose the hidden beauty.  Best practices suggest using a deck wash every time you want to apply new wood stain.  The wash helps optimize the performance of the stain.

What is Deck Wash?

You may be wondering what exactly is a deck wash.  Well, it’s a specially formulated cleanser designed to clean untreated wooden decks.  It also cleanses composite decking.  Most notably, deck washes remove stains.  They wash away stains caused by mold, algae, and mildew.  The process leaves your deck looking completely renewed! 

Get Started

First, make sure the old stain is completely stripped.  Then follow the steps of the deck wash.  Keep in mind the deck surface must be completely dry before stain application.  This means the project takes more than one day.  The safest way to strip old stain and prepare the deck for cleaning is sanding.  Given the average size of a deck, commercial sanding works best.  For professional cleaning, consult a deck restoration company.  They are better equipment to efficiently sand and cleanse the deck for staining. If you like this article, please share with your deck-owning friends and family! 

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