Choosing the Best Roofing Material for your New Roof

Choosing the Best Roofing Material for your New Roof

If you are putting up a new roof for your house, there are a number of options available to you, each with its own pros and cons. Sure you will have a budget to work on, but that alone should not influence your decision. Other things like durability, weight and most importantly aesthetics should play a vital role in your choice. Also, not all roofing material can be used on all roofs. Those with a low slope need specific materials when compared to one with a steep slope.The different roofing materials and their suitability can now be analyzed in some details. roofing material. asphalt roof shingles. new roof

Asphalt Shingles

It is the most commonly used material for roofs. This is primarily because of two important factors – it is the least expensive material and most easy to install. It is basically a fiberglass medium over which asphalt and sand like granules have been set. Asphalt doesn’t only look pretty; it also has high fire resistant properties.  Another advantage is it works well in regions prone to bush and forest fires. The main drawback is its expiring durability.  An average asphalt roof lasts no more than 20 to 25 years. You can opt for one that has a reflective coating to lower heat absorption and reduce cooling expenses. It is moderate in weight and is suitable for low to steep sloped roofs. roofing material. slate roof shingles


If durability is your primary concern, slate is the roofing material for you. In fact, there are instances where the slate has outlived the fasteners and have been recycled on to a new roof. Since slates are not glued down to any roofing sheet but hung from fasteners, it is perfect for steep sloped roofs. It sheds snow and rain very quickly. However, it is one of the heavier roofing materials and hence the strength of the house structure should be taken into consideration before installing it. Slate is an expensive investment. roofing material. metal roof shingles. new roof


Made of aluminum, lead, steel, copper or copper with impregnated asphalt, this type of roofing material is long lasting and some even come with life time guarantees. It is very easy to install with the fasteners being hidden from view. Metal roofs have good fire and wind resistant properties and are suitable for both moderately and steep sloped houses. Being lightweight, no additional civil work is required on the structure before installation. It is an eco-friendly material and can be recycled when replaced. 

 roofing material. ceramic roof shingles. new roof

Ceramic Roofing

Ceramic tiles have one distinct advantage over other types of roofing – it gives your home an awesome look. The natural look is brown but when fired in the kiln with iron oxide, a beautiful terra cotta color emerges. It has high fire resistant and low wind resistant properties. One huge drawback is that ceramic tiles are extremely brittle and cannot be repaired if broken – the tiles have to be totally replaced. Tiles are heavy and require a reinforced structure before installation. Finally, ceramic roofing material is quite expensive.Make a thorough research of the materials available before coming to a decision. After all it is not every day that you’ll be installing a new roof!How do you know when it’s Time to Install a New Roof?