Comparative Guide: Choosing The Best Composite Decking Brand

Comparative Guide: Choosing The Best Composite Decking Brand

With supplies of natural timber steadily diminishing—particularly the demands for wood species with natural resistance to pests and decay such as cedar and redwood—composite materials are increasingly growing in popularity as perfect choices for outdoor living spaces. Made in various forms and structures, from PVC plastic, solid composites, to a combination of natural wood and plastics, composite decking addresses some of the major problems of wood decking. It provides superior durability as it can resist scratching, fading, and molds as opposed to timber decking. It has low-maintenance requirements because you don’t need to periodically clean or refinish it. However, composite decking is still considered a specialty decking product by most retailers. It may not be as readily accessible and it can be difficult to identify which one is a composite decking brand in the market these days.  composite decking brand So, to help you determine which composite decking brand is right for your preference, style, and budget, here are some of the most popular brands across the US.   


Trex is a very well-known composite decking brand and one of the most cost-effective options today. It is usually made from reclaimed wood and plastic materials from different sources such as grocery bags, waste wood fiber, and plastic film. If you choose Trex for your outdoor living space, a limited warranty of 25 years is normally offered.    Trex is relatively easy to find in the market. It is convenient to install, making it a great option for DIYers. This composite decking brand offers three series: Transcend, Select, and Enhance. The Trex Transcend has composite boards made from 95% recycled content. It shows almost no fillers in its planks and offers a standard 25-year warranty. Transcend is normally available in 10 colors. Trex Select, on the other hand, has 5 color options only but is more affordable than Transcend. Keep in mind that Trex Select is not scratch-resistant. Lastly, Trex Enhance is most suitable for homeowners on a strict budget. This is the most budget-friendly option amongst the Trex series.  composite decking color The best thing about Trex is that it provides one of the largest selections of composite decking. Several available products can be used for decking such as deck framing elements, surface decking, fencing, pergolas, outdoor furniture, to name a few. For more options, it is best to talk to a composite decking contractor near you.   


Fiberon is probably the best composite decking brand in the market today. It offers a lot of decking options and performs better than any other brand. This brand has seven various series and consists of both budget-friendly and premium decking options. It can make railing components, fencing products, and surface decking. With Fiberon, you can find good, better, and best product lines that offer various types of gray deck planks and different shades of wood tones. Plus, all products have a limited 25-year warranty.    Fiberon’s lineup has both 3-sided and 4-sided composite deck boards with grooved and solid profiles. Each series has standard widths and lengths. Amongst these seven series, Fiberon’s flagship products are their Horizon and Symmetry collections.   

TimberTech (AZEK)

If you are looking for the best value for your money, then TimberTech is the right choice. This composite decking brand is a perennial favorite of both homeowners and deck contractors. It is typically created from a solid PVC compound which is known to become highly resistant to splits, molds, scratches, mildew, and stains. While it comes from 100% PVC materials, TimberTech can still provide a realistic wood appearance. It is one of the best brands today because of its premium, high-quality look, although it comes with a higher price tag. TimberTech also provides a limited warranty of up to 50 years.    The downside of this composite decking brand is that it lacks options and variations. You can only have two series to choose from: Pro and Edge. If you see a 4-sided board that is capped for an added protection, then that is the TimberTech Pro. This series is available in 16 colors and the boards are premium-looking. On the other hand, TimberTech Edge is the most affordable variant. It has three-sided boards and comes in darker shades only.    TimberTech products are ideal for surface decking, trim, porch, molding components, and railings. The boards are also available in varying widths, so you can choose whether to use wide, narrow, or standard types.   


This composite decking brand is known for its Siesta collection of deck planks. It has four solid landscape colors and four wood grain tones to choose from. Dura-Life is a combination of recycled wood and plastic, hardwood flour, and polypropylene. The wood flour component makes the decking planks highly resistant to damage and stains.  You can use Dura-Life products for railing and decking, boardwalks, and porches. Decking products carry a 25-year warranty. Also, the boards typically utilize a hidden fastening system, which is a good way to eliminate face nails and screws on your deck.   


Cali-Bamboo is very ideal for paneling products, fencing, flooring, and edging. The products use BamDeck composite, a material made from 40% recycled plastics and 60% recycled bamboo fibers. With this product line, the planks have hollow cores and are created by extrusion. But aside from BamDeck, another product line under Cali-Bamboo is TruOrganics. TruOrganics comes from recyclable wood fibers. It has three colors and four different texture choices.   


Envision isn’t as popular as Trex or TimberTech, but it offers several series that will give your deck a stunning look. While it is most popular as building products for residential roofing, this composite decking brand has great wood tones and variations. In fact, it is an incredible choice for contractors.    Its series includes Distinction, Expression, EverGrain, and Inspiration. With Envision Distinction, you can select four wood tones. Inspiration, on the other hand, provides homeowners with a natural-looking deck and deep texture. And if you are on a strict budget, EverGrain and Expression are your choices.   


This premium composite decking brand has a line of products with tongue-and-groove and solid planks. Lumberock is typically a combination of mineral materials and plastics. The products are available in 12 solid colors. Since Lumberock does not contain any organic materials, you can expect that it is less prone to mildew and molds. However, this brand is virtually immune to any damage due to salt and water.   


If you are looking for the best composite decking brand for summer heat, then MoistureShield is a perfect choice. This brand is a good mix of uncapped and capped composite decking. It offers 7 series, ranging from the most affordable line of products to the premium-looking ones. Using an advanced technology called CoolDeck, the products are designed to keep your feet comfortable and cool despite the exposure of your deck to the sun. However, its major downside is that it is not readily available in the market. You can either contact the manufacturer directly or ask your composite decking contractor.   


A freshly new composite decking brand in the market, Dekorators offers a solid lineup of composite deck boards and PVC. It is one of the best budget composite decking products and has two less expensive composite deck lines: Classic and Vista. These two series are usually capped composites, but differ in tones and variations. While it is relatively new in the composite decking world, you can find them via online retailers.   

Which Composite Decking Brand Is Your Choice?

If you are not happy with your wood deck anymore, it is probably the right time to switch to composite decking and choose the best brand for your outdoor living space. Compare these 9 decking brands, and see which one stands out for you. And if you feel that you need an expert to help you create an elegant-looking composite deck, don’t hesitate to connect with us. Schedule a consultation today!