How to Choose a Professional Stamped Concrete Contractor

How to Choose a Professional Stamped Concrete Contractor


Stamped concrete offers an amazing alternative to traditional concrete and stone pavers. When buying stamped concrete, homeowners invest in a long-term installation meant to last.  With these outdoor landscape projects, which contractor you choose matters.  Here are a few reasons why the concrete contractor makes a difference in the outcome of your project.

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Quality Control with Experienced Concrete Contractor

Every contractor follows the same process for pouring concrete.  An experienced concrete contractor ensures the quality remains the same for each and every job they complete.  Concrete color is typically mixed onsite and requires an experienced contractor to achieve consistent coloring.  The foreman’s familiarity with the product, coloring, and process guarantees a smooth installation


PSI Makes a Difference

The quality of concrete poured also matters.  A good concrete contractor uses 4,000 PSI to ensure a durable surface that will last.  PSI refers to the compression strength and identifies the resistance to downward force in pounds per square inch.  Some contractors may use 3,500 PSI, which isn’t as strong.  Driveways, for instance, withstand a lot of weight and need a strong concrete material to support it.  Choose a contractor that uses quality concrete for every job.  After all, over-compensating is better than under-compensating when it comes to the strength of your patio.

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Years of Experience

Also think about how long a contractor has been in business.  Each year on the job is another year worth of collecting experience.  You can feel confident purchasing home improvement services from a concrete contractor that has been in business for a long time.  It’s easy to trust a contractor that has a successful track record and long list of satisfied customers.  Satisfied customers are direct representations of the contractor’s craftsmanship.  Ask for referrals and read customer reviews.  Make sure you choose a concrete contractor that has been around for a while.



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