Best New Deck Designs for 2017 Decks

Best New Deck Designs for 2017 Decks

Depending on the size, area, and functionality your new deck there are many options to choose from. From wraparound decks, builder’s decks, small deck designs, and rooftop deck retreats the choices are endless. I will go over all of the decks identified and their benefits to your home. deck design, modern decking, wrap around deck

Wraparound Decks

These decks are very popular out in the country which provide amazing areas for sitting and relaxing. This provides you the ability to walk around the sides of your house without having to go out on your lawn. Wraparound decks provide you with much added area for chairs and tables. Everyone can have a sit and enjoy the view. These decks hold there value so maintenance is important. Refinishing this deck will add warmth to the color and wood. Every three years take a look at your wood and make sure it is in good condition. deck designs, modern deck trends, build a deck

Builders Deck

This is a large deck that can be built on the front, side, or back of your home. With the added area this is the perfect deck for rest and relaxation or entertainment. A custom deck provides a custom feel to your home. Pools look much better in the back yard with a deck nearby. Gazebos or any sitting areas built into these decks provide the ability to customize at your discretion. If you can imagine any blueprint for your deck I am sure there is a contractor that can build it. Options are limitless. 

Deck Designs for Small Decks

Owning a smaller deck forces you to utilize what space you have available to you. There are many things you can do to make a smaller deck feel just as comfortable. A single chair or table will provide a place to sit and place items. Make sure the walking path is not being blocked by anything. deck designs, build a deck, new deck trends,rooftop deck

Rooftop Deck

My favorite of all deck designs is the rooftop deck. Roof decks provide an incredible entertainment area and view for homeowners and their guests. Your rooftop deck can be outfit with a grill, table and chairs, and lights around the handrails. This is the ultimate party and relaxing area and for homes in a city can raise the property value.

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