Best Gazebo Building Tips

Best Gazebo Building Tips


Traditional gazebos consist of octagonal structures with open or covered sides. The structure usually depends on the functions it is meant to perform. There are so many types and styles of gazebos. When you build a gazebo, first determine what kind of gazebo you want based on functions and design preferences.

Here are a few of the best tips to get you ready for gazebo building.

Determine the purpose

Gazebos serve many functions from relaxation to garden aesthetics.  Perhaps you want to create a private retreat for some peace and solitude.  Larger gazebos offer intimate settings for smaller gatherings.  Take some time to consider how you want to use the gazebo so that your building plans bright your vision to life.


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Choosing the site

First, decide on the best location.  Avoid low-lying areas in your garden where water accumulates. Building a gazebo on elevated ground eliminates water infiltration.  It also provides a better view of the surroundings. Local authorities often require permitting to meet building codes.  Research the specific requirements of your zip code to comply. Contractors will guide you on foundation regulations. Place small gazebos on concrete blocks or pressure-treated timber and larger ones on concrete piers.



Most people hire a contractor to build their gazebo.  Although it’s a small structure, contractors handle all of the complicated details for the home owner.  On the other hand, if you enjoy DIY building and have some building skills, taking on the project yourself is an option.


Materials for the Gazebo

The materials you use depend on your budget.  For  a high-end gazebo, cedar and rot resistant cedar should be your first choice. Or for a budget-friendly option, pressure treated pine which is tough and durable works. Pressure treated wood requires a protective staining to seal the outer layer from water and sun damage.  Also, all fasteners should be made of stainless steel or galvanized steel.  Hold support columns with gusset plates bolted directly into the foundation.


Screening the sides

If you are planning on using the gazebo for entertaining, you may want to consider comfort.   Installing screened sides with removable windows or sliding lattice panel sides are a great idea. For added privacy, put in translucent window and door panels.


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Electricity wiring

To set the correct setting, evening use requires more than moonlight and outdoor house lighting. Install focus lights like those around pools so that the gazebo provides illumination from a distance.

Follow these tips to build a spectacular gazebo.


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