Interior Design Awards for Best Faucet Designs of 2017

Interior Design Awards for Best Faucet Designs of 2017

Are you renovating your bathroom or kitchen?  Perhaps you just want a quick face-lift.  Try replacing your faucet.  Contemporary designs for sinks include more than just the counter and the bowl.  The faucet also plays an important role in the look you create.  Here are our favorite modern faucet designs for 2017. modern faucet, antimicrobial faucet, kitchen remodeling

Innovation Features

Sinks provide a basin for cleaning.  We use sink water for washing hands, dishes, and anything really.  For this reason, sinks come in contact with lots of germs.  What if the sink was germ resistant?  Well, good news; Moen brand created the Microban antimicrobial faucet.  The design prevents bacteria growth.  They are made with a special antimicrobial finish.  With the sleek, modern design and the germ-fighting finish, these faucets are beautiful and easy to clean.modern faucet, wall-mount faucet, glass faucet, refinish bathroom

Wall Mount Waterfall

Traditional faucets attach to the back of the sink bowl.  Modern design, unlike attached faucets, include wall mounted fixtures. This creates a more dramatic look with a waterfall effect.  The Sumerain Glass Waterfall Wall-Mount faucet provides a natural downspout of water .  The water gently falls over the edge of the spout.  The wide, flat spout showcases the trickling water as a part of the design. modern faucet, vintage faucet, renovate bathroom

Vintage Revisited

While modern innovation is fun, reminiscing with art-deco design is also great.  If you want to remodel your bathroom and add some old-fashioned charm, consider a vintage inspired faucet.  A simple centerset faucet with a single handle adds an element of ‘country chic.’ The spout sits next to a bowl, typically on the left or right side.  Try a brass finish for truly vintage appeal. 

modern faucet, porcelain faucet, bathroom renovationsPorcelain Vase

Most faucets are made out of of metal.  However, Kohler’s Bol Series presents a beautiful porcelain faucet.  The unique shape and patterns borrow influence from antique vases.  The blue floral print adds an artistic design to the contemporary faucet.   Kohler describes the model as an antique tribute to apothecary mortar and pestle. It allows water to flow in a quiet and soothing fashion. 

modern faucet, remodeling kitchen, kitchen sink


Pivoting Faucet

Another innovative modern faucet is the Pivot by Dorn Bracht.  The industrial design makes cooking and cleaning more convenient.  This faucet works best in the kitchen where reach and mobility are most useful.  It has a minimalist appeal with the convenience of function.  The With 360 degrees of mobility, the water reaches almost anywhere you need it to. modern faucet, remodel bathroom, bathroom renovation

Change the Flow

HANSLATRAVA by Octopus Design creates a vertical fan of water.  The water trickles out like a waterfall on its side.  The flow of water is the design aspect.  It also includes cool features.  For instance, instead of turning a left and right knob, the control panel includes a temperature regulating option. modern faucet, modern bathroom design, wall-mount faucet

The Luna Spout

The Luna faucet draws inspiration from the moon.  It’s another wall mounted faucet, however it’s length adds decor to the bathroom wall.  When installing this faucet, the mirror has to be hung to the left or right of the sink fixture, as opposed to directly above.  Beautifully sleek appearance with a minimalist approach.     

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