Baltimore Deck Restore- Refinish Your Deck in Baltimore

Baltimore Deck Restore- Refinish Your Deck in Baltimore


We experience enjoyably warm weather that lasts from spring through fall.  What better way to enjoy the warmth than in the comfortable setting of your outdoor living space?    We love sunbathing, grilling, entertaining, and relaxing on our beautiful decks.  Which is why decks grace the yards of many Mid-Atlantic homes.  The difficult part is keeping the deck looking great.  After a few years of annual maintenance, decks need something more.  Every five years, consider investing in a Baltimore deck restore.


What is Deck Restoration?

Everyone is familiar with the practice of staining and re-staining.  Perhaps you have even slapped a protective coating on the deck from time to time.  While these practices are helpful, they only work to change the appearance on the surface.  They are also short term solutions.  Restoration, on the other hand, refers to reviving the condition of the wood and renovating the deck for a long term refinish.  The process includes board replacement, board repair, and lots of heavy duty sanding.


Baltimore deck restore, sanding deck surface, powerwashing deck


Renovating is more than a cover up; it’s a total face-lift.  The goal is to eliminate the years of damage and weathering the deck suffered. In order to shed the damage, the deck needs serous sanding.  Commercially sanding the surface removes the worn layer on top to expose fresh wood.  Most people want to power wash their deck, which actually harms the wood.  Abrasive pressure washing pushes dirt particles and moisture into the pours of the wood.  The most effective way to revive a deck is to sand the entire surface including the rails.


 Baltimore deck restore, staining a deck, deck paint

What Can I Expect from Baltimore a Baltimore Deck Restore?

In addition to sanding the surface, a complete deck restoration involves a total inspection of the boards.  A professional differentiates fixable wood from repairable wood.  The repairable wood gets removed and replaced.  However, the repairable boards can be saved and restored with an epoxy polymer sealant.  Sealing cracks and imperfections helps create an aesthetically appealing refinished deck.


After the framing, sanding, and sealing, the deck needs a protective coating.  With older decks, solid color stains work best.  Transparent and semi-transparent stains enhance newly installed decks.  Aged decks with older wood require thicker coatings to protect and cover.  Wood paint is an option, although stains work better.  Wood absorbs the stain.  With paint, the product sits on top of the wood.


A Baltimore deck restore transforms your old, unattractive deck into a revitalized deck with a beautiful finish.  Quality deck restorations come with long-term warranties, making them well-worth the investment.  For more on deck restoration costs, click here!

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