Baltimore Deck Repair

Baltimore Deck Repair


Do you have an aging, old deck in need of repair?  For home owners living in the Greater Baltimore area, there is a professional solution.  With the city’s notorious roof decks, and the thousands of backyard decks, plenty of home owners find themselves in this pickle.Baltimore deck repair companies offer a specialized service for deck refinishing.    Hiring a team of well-trained specialists is the most efficient way to go.  Save time and labor-intensive DIY efforts.


Baltimore deck repair, deck restoration in Baltimore

How Can I Tell if I Need my Deck Refinished?

If you’re not sure, here are a few signs that you need restoration:

Cracking– Do you notice lots of cracks along the floor boards? Small checks occur when wood shrinks as it dries, after becoming wet.  If you have large cracks, they may run through to the other side.  For more, visit Should I Be Worried About Cracks on My Deck?

Warping– Wood moves.  Sometimes wood curls up.  In this case, the board creates a hazard.  Warping in some areas is ok, but not on the deck floor.

Chipping– If you used a stain or wood paint that peeled and chipped, you are due for a refinishing.  The stain preserves the wood from additional damage.  When the stain peels, it exposes unprotected wood.

Mold- When mold grows on your deck, you have a moisture problem.  Built up moisture threatens the integrity of the wood.  For more, check out How to Prevent Mold on Your Deck.

Shaking– Shaking of railings, landings, and stairs raises a big red flag!  Shaking means the structure is not secured.  While the other signs describe aesthetic issues (for the most part), rocking decks indicate a structural problem.

Age- Pressure treated decks expire after about 15 years.  The average lifespan of a deck varies, depending on the material and how well the home owners care for it.  If you have an old deck, consider a safety inspection based on the age of the wood.

Baltimore deck repair, deck restore, warped boards

What Now?

If you experience one or more of these signs, call a Baltimore deck repair company.  The quicker you respond to these red flags, the better.  Waiting to refinish your deck runs the risk of making things worse. What may be an affordable refinish one season turns into a total restoration the next.  Also, a professional deck company administers a thorough deck inspection.  Ensure the safety of your deck by getting a formal evaluation.  Setting up your consultation is easy!  Call and ask for a free estimate.  A knowledgeable consultant can evaluate the condition of your deck and propose a solution.  Make sure to ask about promotional specials or eligible discounts.  Perhaps they offer a coupon for new customers.

Baltimore Deck Repair

How exactly does the company repair your deck?  For typical restorations, they perform a 5 step refinishing process.  The specialists resurface the floor, rails and steps.  They also replace bad boards, tighten up loose parts, and stain the deck.  In addition to resurfacing, staining is equally as important.  Restoring your deck removes the unwanted finish.  It also restores weaknesses.  To summarize, the first steps describe repair.  Staining prevents future damage.  The protective coating seals the deck against UV rays, moisture and heavy traffic.  Best practice includes repairing on one hand and preventative treatment right after.


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