Create Privacy on Your Deck

Create Privacy on Your Deck


Outdoor living inspires peaceful relaxation and dynamic entertaining.  We love the natural, open environment of a back deck.  The question is, how open should your deck be?  Unlike the rooms inside your house, there are no walls.  However, plenty of solutions provide well-needed backyard privacy for home owners enjoying their deck.  Whether you like reading a book or hosting a barbecue, an element of privacy goes a long way.  Here are some ideas for creating privacy around your deck.



Consider creating privacy from the minute you build your deck.  Lattice offers a great solution.  Extend railings by adding walls of lattice around the deck’s perimeter.  The additional wood surface blends well with the deck structure.  Also, lattice provides holes for hanging decorations.  Use hooks to hang lightweight planters and garden signs from the lattice.  For more of a natural look, grow ivy over the lattice.  Either way, your deck will be a lovely secluded outdoor living space.

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Green Wall

Bushes and shrubs have a long history of creating natural barriers.  Boxwood hedges grow tall and full, providing a solid wall for backyard privacy.  Another option for privacy around a deck is planting a line of trees.  While not a solid wall, the trees form a separation enclosing the perimeter of the deck.  In addition, trees and bushes enhance the aesthetics of the setting.


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Privacy Screen

While privacy screens are most commonly used as inside dividers, they are also found outdoors.  Exterior privacy screens provide portable barriers.  As a temporary fixture, you can add and remove them as you see fit.  Some contractors build privacy screens into the design of the deck.  These screens serve as a wall usually found on the left or right side of the deck.  In this case, the wall remains a permanent fixture.  Enjoy dining, relaxing, and entertaining on your deck in a secluded setting with decorative privacy screens.

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