Annapolis Deck Repair: Restoring Decks Along the Chesapeake Bay

Annapolis Deck Repair: Restoring Decks Along the Chesapeake Bay

The beautiful bay-side town of Annapolis harbors plenty of deck baring homes.  For home owners living on the Chesapeake Bay, what better way to enjoy the outdoor life than from a deck in your own backyard.  With breathtaking views and enjoyable climates, the warmer months call for plenty of deck-going. 

Deck in Bad Shape?

Over time, decks wear and age.  Aging decks require attention on an annual basis.  Even though some deck conditions appear un-repairable, there are alternatives to rebuilding.  Restoring a deck revives the structure, making it appear close to new again.  Wooden structures with today’s material prices cost a small fortune to build.  Many old decks stand on a solid foundation. Repair your surface damage by restoring your deck.  Consider calling an Annapolis deck repair company.  Enjoy your spring, summer and fall in Annapolis on your restored deck.For info on Deck Safety Inspection, click here.Annapolis deck repair, Annapolis deck restoration, deck refinishing

Decks and the Chesapeake Bay

Homes owners all across the country install wooden decks.  However, the environment and climate of the region affect the condition and lifespan of the wood.  Decks built on the water face an additional threat that inland decks do not.  Water acts as one of the most detrimental threats to wood.  Homes along the bay are exposed to invisible water threats.  To be more specific, water vapor carried from the bay breeze affects all wooden structures near the water.  This gaseous phase of water could be causing damage without you even knowing it.  The best way to prevent water vapor problems, is to have your deck inspected regularly.  Also, investing in a professional restoration preserves the deck for the long-term. 

What is Annapolis Deck Repair?

Most home owners give their decks an annual power washing.  Unfortunately, power washing causes more damage.  Driving dirt particle and trapping water inside the wood ends up harming the boards. So, what’s the safer alternative?  The answer is deck restoration.  This describes a specialized process in which professional deck technicians resurface your deck the same way they would an interior hardwood floor.  It all starts with aggressive sanding.  Sanding the wood safely removes the damaged layers and exposes fresh, healthy wood.  Additional steps include sealing cracks, and staining the wood.  A high quality wood stain penetrates the pours and protects your deck against future damage. 

How Much Does Annapolis Deck Repair Cost?

Unlike power washing which is a do it yourself, or neighborhood handyman kind of job, deck restoration requires specialists.  The combined skill set of deck technicians include commercial grade floor sanding, expert carpentry, and polished painting.  The six step process is no easy job.  Given the labor requirements, deck restoration is a sizable investment.  The service comes with a 10 year warranty and a no maintenance deck.  This provides a great value for the price.  While all companies vary in exact pricing, expect to pay anywhere from $10-$20 per square foot, depending on the condition of your deck.  When comparing prices, ask the companies what specific services are included.  Also, make sure the labor and stain are warrantied. 

Cost Factors of Annapolis Deck Repair

The pricing suggested above offers a wide range.  The reason is that each deck is unique.  A consultant evaluates your deck, takes an accurate measurement, and suggests an appropriate remedy.  Then, they determine a price.  Three main factors influence cost.  The first looks at the condition of the deck.  The more damaged the wood means the more expensive the price.  Another cost factor is the size.  Deck companies calculate pricing using the total square footage.  Larger decks take more time and materials, and of course cost more.  Material needs also affects the price.  Decks needing more than 20 % or even all of the floor boards replaced fall into a total board replacement category.  In these cases, the company is providing brand new wood for all horizontal surfaces.To get the best price for the value you want, interview professional companies with a proven record of happy customers.  A great way to negotiate pricing is to ask about coupons and promotions for new customers.  All businesses thrive from gaining new customers.  Offering referrals and positive reviews helps to sweeten the honey pot! Get your Deck Restored and choose of the 2017 Hot New Deck Colors!

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