7 Maintenance Tips for Renovating your Gazebo

7 Maintenance Tips for Renovating your Gazebo



No Weeds

Grooming the garden around the gazebo is important.  Make sure to keep the path and surrounding perimeter clear of threatening weeds and vines.  Quickly growing plants can overwhelm the walls of the gazebo and create problems down the road.


Out with the Mold…

Vinyl gazebos require different maintenance than wooden gazebos.  Trapped moisture breads mold and mildew that compromises the material.  Regular pressure washing works well to remove stains and mildew.  You can also scrub the walls by hand with a house hold mixture of bleach, water, and laundry detergent.


Wood Wash

For wood gazebos, you want to avoid using a pressure or power washer.  Wood washes work well to clean off dirt, debris, and mildew.  Apply the wood wash with a large brush.  Let it soak for 20 minutes, then rinse it off.


Regular Inspection

Your gazebo is a small dwelling that like any structure has its weaknesses.  The walls, roof and foundation should be inspected inside and out.  Regularly inspect the nails, joints and surface for damage.  Noticing small problems right away reduces maintenance costs.



The best maintenance for your gazebo starts with preservation.  Properly sealing a wooden gazebo with a quality stain prevents unwanted sun and water damage.  If you are restoring a gazebo, you’ll want to sand the surface down to remove old stain and open up the pores.  Fresh layers of wood are best for absorbing stain.  This is a tedious process involving more than your average DIY efforts.  You may want to consider hiring a refinishing professional to sand and stain the gazebo.


Spruce it Up

After you take care of fixing the structure, consider adding some decorative accents.  Gazebos are prime locations for relaxation.  Create a cozy and comfortable seating arrangement to welcome guests.  Wicker furniture with soft cushions and accent pillows do the trick.  If your gazebo is large enough, add a coffee table for additional convenience.  Embrace the space by making it personal.  For more ideas, visit BH&G to get inspired.


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After refinishing your gazebo, consider creating a space usable in the dark.  Add some string lights or overhead lights for a romantic ambiance.  Maximize the use of the gazebo by designing a sanctuary for both day and nighttime enjoyment.