‘Deckorating’ Ideas- 7 Best Deck Accessories to Enhance your Outdoor Living Space

‘Deckorating’ Ideas- 7 Best Deck Accessories to Enhance your Outdoor Living Space


It’s time to deckorate!  Do you have a deck that needs some sprucing up?  In addition to refinishing services, consider adding some personal flare with modern deck accessories.  Decking has come a long way with the evolution of composite wood alternative.  Modern architecture also influences deck building.  Design development paired with the growing love of outdoor living transformed residential decks into personal showcases.  Home owners spend more time and effort designing their outdoor living spaces, including their decks.  In this blog we highlight some of the best deck accessories to enhance your deck.


Fancy Post Caps

Every deck is built with posts along the railings.  They serve as the main support for the top and bottom rails.  Posts typically consist of a wooden 4”x4”.  These 4”x4”s are covered with a post sleeve for vinyl railings.  Either way, they stand out as prominent aspects of the rails.  Adding a decorative cap to the post enhances the deck aesthetics.  Caps come in various colors, styles, and materials.  Companies manufacture vinyl, copper, hammered metal, and natural wood.  You can even buy post caps with LED lighting to illuminate the rails at night.


Deck Accessories: Lighting

We enjoy our decks all day long.  However, the lack of sunlight makes enjoying the outdoors difficult at night.  We have a solution! LED deck lights along railings as well as recessed in deck flooring provides lighting in the evening.  In addition to their core functions, deck lights create a beautiful ambiance.  As opposed to bright flood lights or exterior house lights, deck lighting generates soft, subtle illumination.  Most home owners install deck lights in the rise of the steps as well as under the top rails.



Lattice is another great deck accessory. If you have a ground level deck, you may want to deckorate the space between the band board and the ground.  Try adding lattice around the base.  Decorative lattice adds dimension and an ornate barrier preventing animals from burrowing under your deck.  The great new is you are not limited to classic white.  Some brands make a customized lattice that allows you to paint the material any color.


Post Covers

Elevated decks sit on top of 4”x4” or 6”x6” posts.  These posts can be stained the same color as the deck or left natural.  Most of the time we regard the support posts as structural parts of the deck.  And so, we often neglect them.  One way to spruce up your posts is to install postcovers.  Consider a faux stone finish post cover that enhances your deck from the ground and the yard view.  With ample space underneath a second story or third story deck, postcovers help create an appealing space for additional use.

Fascia Corners

Does your deck sit directly on the ground?  If so, try adding decorative fascia corners.  These deck accessories install with stainless steel screws very easily.  They are made of stainless steel and coated black.  Fascia corners come in a variety of designs from floral to ridged cutouts.  In addition to the beautiful accent, they provide a level of protection to the fascia.


Deck Tiles

Homeowners usually keep their grills on the deck.  Although, charcoal and gas grills on wooden or composite surfaces present a fire hazard.  Both materials are very flammable.  Deck tiles offer a great solution.  These stone tiles built for exterior use provide a safe surface for outdoor cooking.  In addition, they create a safe surface for fire pits.  They also enhance the deck floor by featuring a contrasting material.  Whether natural slate or granite, these tiles add luxury to any deck.


Deck Accessories :Fountains

Bring the tranquil sounds of trickling water to your deck with these deck accessories.  Encourage a peaceful and serene setting by installing a fountain on the deck.  In the world of outdoor fountains, you have plenty of choices.  Choose a fountain that fits proportionally with the size of your deck.  For smaller decks keep the footprint and height of the fountain to a minimum.  For larger decks, consider installing a fountain as a focal point.  Fountains vary in design from cascading rocks to solid stone walls, and ceramic jugs.  Pick a fountain that represents your design preferences.

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