6 Helpful Tips to Revamp Your Stamped Concrete Patio

6 Helpful Tips to Revamp Your Stamped Concrete Patio


When we hear about the concrete patio, people immediately picture a dull-looking, cracked slab at the backyard. We even thought about the negative connotation of refurbishing or replacing concrete as time-consuming, daunting and costly. However, before you decide to tear down the entire stamped concrete patio, you might want to consider other less expensive options to change how your patio looks. Why not create a more inviting outdoor living space by putting a stylish and personal spin on it? Perhaps, you can build additional features such as furniture or lush green plants to spruce up the appeal of your home’s exterior. Here are some ideas you could incorporate to turn what’s generally seen as an outdoor eyesore into a more interesting backyard haven.


1. Refinish the Surface

The most cost-effective way to upgrade your concrete patio is by staining or resealing. When your patio looks boring and withered, slapping a fresh coat of sealer or stains can do wonders. You’ve got multiple ways to refinish a stamped concrete patio. Scoring patterns, stains and paving veneer can be your options. What’s good about this is that you can include it as a DIY project, especially if you are skilled at home improvements.


When choosing a sealing or staining product for your stamped concrete patio, make sure to maintain a non-slippery surface. Not all stains or finishes are intended for outdoor use. Some can become too slippery when exposed to moisture or rain. As much as possible, we don’t want you to sacrifice safety over beauty. With this, you must always check the label and identify if the stains or sealants are formulated for outdoor purposes.


2. Modify the Edges

If your stamped concrete patio is still in good condition and has no major cracks, you can modify the edges using a circular saw. A professional concrete contractor could help you remove some portions and create a specific curve or cut. Spruce up the appeal of your patio by planting new shrubs or flower beds to complement the changed edges. This kind of landscape also makes your outdoor space homey and more inviting. Plus, it helps you align with nature.


3. Reinvent with Lighting

A stunning landscape and well-finished stamped concrete patio can be forgettable without adding good lighting. It will still look boring if you do not choose the correct lighting that would complement the style of your concrete. Bring your stamped concrete patio its illuminating beauty by adding downcast lights and other types of modern landscape lighting. A low-glow light gives your concrete patio a different character during nighttime as well. With proper lighting features, it will not only brighten up a gloomy concrete patio, but it will also raise the charm of your outdoor living space.


4. Create Walls or Screens

Adding walls or screens feels like you are bringing the inside out. These features can change your stamped concrete patio into a contained outdoor room. Arrange outdoor furniture such as built-in benches or sofa, fresh cushion and outdoor fabrics, and you can expect a very welcoming outdoor haven. This kind of atmosphere calls for a good, old-fashioned conversation with families and friends.


5. Build a Pergola

A stamped concrete patio can be an excellent outdoor nook to make you feel cozy. It is possible by building an overhead structure or pergola therein. This feature creates an enclosed space to keep your privacy and comfortability. An overhead structure enhances your property’s curb appeal, but it also provides an opportunity to support decorative features such as lights, lighting fixtures, flowering vines or ceiling fan.


6. Bring the Inside Out

In this day and age, homeowners are looking for a more functional space. They need more than updating and maximizing the area. A stamped concrete patio is not an exception to this. We know that you love to enjoy relaxing on a hammock, savor a delectable dinner with your guests or celebrate small parties outside. And so, you can bring the inside out by setting up outdoor furniture on your patio. Arrange decorative tables and chairs, grilling station or a small kitchen. A hammock or couch is a perfect addition to this elegant ambiance.


Final Thoughts

Which concrete patio ideas would you like to begin?


We love to see your plain-looking stamped concrete patio transform into a perfect outdoor oasis that everyone can enjoy. It’s never too late to embark on any of these ideas and see for yourself how it can make a tremendous impact on your property’s curb appeal. However, if you think that a DIY project isn’t your cup of tea, call Deck Ready. Together, we can create a more conducive and much cozier outdoor living space.

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