5 Outdoor Living Trends

5 Outdoor Living Trends


Outdoor Living Trends are Inside Out

New outdoor living trends marry indoor comforts and design within an outdoor setting.  Traditional outdoor living spaces can be categorized as minimalist, rustic, and natural, much like the environment.  New trends call for an outdoor extension of the indoor living space.  Work on making your outside personalized, welcoming, and much more decorative.  Waterproof textiles, pillows, comfortable furniture and ornaments are all part of the newest trend to personalize your deck and patio.


Upscale BBQ

In addition to design, we have to talk food!  Forget about the simple charcoal grill and burgers.  Today’s outdoor chef incorporates gourmet cooking with the same conveniences you find in an indoor kitchen.  Home owners are also customizing outdoor space with a focus on more sophisticated cooking and dining.  Some of the novelties include hidden trash cans, storage for equipment and wares, and state-of-the art grills.  Prepare to cook much more than steaks and hot dogs.  We are now bringing the gourmet meal to the outdoor stage.

 Outdoor Living Trends

Warm it Up!

We love our outdoor living spaces so much that the newest trends include ways to extend their use into the cooler seasons.  Enjoy fresh air in the spring and fall by using outdoor heaters.  In general, we are less likely to use our outdoor spaces in the cooler weather.  As a result, outdoor heating systems promote a more comfortable setting.



Recessed lighting built into deck flooring, railings, and steps promote a warm setting in the evening.  Transform the backyard into a more livable space at night by installing tiki torches, string lights, and landscape lighting.  To summarize, add lighting to maximize the functionality of your outdoor living space.



Hence, the simplicity of outdoor living is not so simple these days.  Modern outdoor living trends include the infusion of technological commodities such as outdoor sound systems, automated fixtures, and even television screens.  High tech decks and patios enhance the functionality of the space and promote dynamic enjoyment in an outside setting.