5 Fall Home Improvement Projects

5 Fall Home Improvement Projects


The fall is a great time tackle home improvement projects.  Start by inspecting the insulation of your attic.  If your insulation is of poor quality or not at the right level, your heater will have to work extra hard to keep your house warm.  The attic is a key factor in the energy efficiency of your home.  Weather you need insulation repair or replacement, this project is best addressed in the fall.

 Home Improvement Projects


Aerate the Lawn

Lawns that endure high level foot traffic are most likely in need of occasional aeration.  Aerating the lawn revitalizes the roots by exposing them to air, water, and much needed nutrients.  Early fall, when the grass enters an active growth cycle is the best time to tackle this home improvement project.  The process takes more than one day so it makes a perfect weekend project.  Prepare the lawn by watering it well 1-2 days before you aerate.

Helpful diy video on how to aerate a lawn



Seal the Driveway

Inspect the driveway, walkways and sidewalks for cracks.  Winter weather brings the threat of additional damage.  Preserve the asphalt and cement by sealing these areas before the cold hits.  Use a high quality asphalt resurfacer.  Make sure to wash the asphalt with detergent and a broom or brush to start with a clean slate.



Caulk Windows

If your windows are in relatively good condition, an easy home improvement project to help maintain them is to re-apply caulk.  Caulking seals up any gaps where air may be escaping.  This promotes energy efficient functionality which will help reduce the electric bill during the cold winter months.

Paint the Exterior

Painting is a great home improvement project for the fall.  Cooler climates make it easier to take on outdoor painting.  Repaint the garage, shed, or even the whole house if you are ambitious.  With the pressure of outdoor entertaining dying down, the autumn season is a great time of year to take on a project of this size.


Light the Walk Way

The autumn season brings shorter days as daylight fades earlier.  When returning home in the late afternoon or evening there is a good chance it will be dark outside.  Provide additional safety and ambiance by lighting the walkway.  Path lighting comes in a variety of fixtures and designs, sure to increase your nighttime curb appeal.  Check out solar powered options to save on energy bills.

Home Improvement Projects


Install New Windows

The window installation process leaves the interior of your home susceptible to the outside elements while the work is being done. Think about the temperature change your house suffers while the window openings are bare.  We recommend installing new windows when the weather is most cooperative.  Autumns is a convenient time of year to install new windows and also helps improve the energy efficiency throughout the year.  Installing new windows this fall means the guarantee of a more comfortable living environment over the bitter cold winter months.

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