5 Best Kitchen Flooring Options

5 Best Kitchen Flooring Options


Now-a-days, your kitchen has to be a major design statement in itself. People make a conscientious effort of creating a kitchen that is not only practical and durable, but also unique. So, how do you create a unique kitchen?  It all starts with the perfect choices when it comes to materials, colors, textures, windows, doors, and floors.  That’s right, even the kitchen floor makes a statement.  Consider the different flooring options to choose the best one for your kitchen.


Here’s a useful guide to help you make the best selection for your kitchen floor:


kitchen flooring. types of kitchen floor. stone tile floor

Stone Flooring

Stone flooring makes a great pick for kitchens that get constant traffic. It’s extremely durable, practical and easy to maintain. You may go in for assorted colors, designs, and styles. More and more homeowners are choosing limestone flooring; both for its Old World look and durability.



kitchen flooring. types of kitchen floor. ceramic floor

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are made from clay and inorganic materials and coated with glaze.  Home owners choose ceramic because it offers many advantages; most notably, its durability.  Ceramic is also every low maintenance.  In addition to being easy to clean, ceramic is less likely to harbor bacteria and germs.  A major disadvantage of ceramic is that the color and size can vary between lots.


Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is another type of flooring option.  For homeowners who are tight on budget but not willing to compromise on their kitchen floor, vinyl works great. These floors are low on maintenance and provide less breakage (if you are prone to dropping things in your kitchen). Also, vinyl floors are waterproof, stain proof and easy to clean. In addition, it helps resist scratches and scuff marks.  A major disadvantage is that these floors might trap dirt if not bonded tightly.


kitchen flooring. types of kitchen floor. hardwood flooring for ktichen

Solid Wood Flooring

Wood has always been a popular choice for many homeowners. For some, the charm and warmth of wood is unmatched. Other benefits of wood flooring are –

  1. You don’t need to update your kitchen for a good number of years.
  2. It works great for good amount of footfalls in the kitchen.
  3. It withstands water stains

However, the solid wood flooring tends to dent and scratch easily.  Maintaining wood flooring is a lot of work.  It needs constant sealing and protection.


kitchen flooring. types of kitchen flooring. laminate floor for kitchen


Laminate flooring

This kind of flooring imitates the look of wood or tile. Laminate works for homes with kids and pets because it is scratch and scuff resistant. Also, cleaning is as simple as sweeping  and using a damp-mop.   Reasonable prices are another benefit.

Looking to get your kitchen remodeled? The details of flooring options above are helpful during design planning.   Consider which one will be right for your kitchen.


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