5 Awesome Man Cave Ideas

5 Awesome Man Cave Ideas


Are you looking for a way to spice up your basement? Are you a guy who has always dreamed about having a man cave? Or are you someone who wants to make that man’s dream come true? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this may be the guide for you. The man cave is the perfect space to go relax. To make sure you create the ideal space, check out these 5 man cave ideas. The best part about it is, a lot of this does not require the help of a professional.


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The Big Screen

First – the hardware. TV becomes the most used thing in a man cave. So, you are going to want to have a nice big TV for all the NFL Sundays and video games. A 50 inch HDTV should do you just fine, and you can find one for under $300! With that TV, you are going to want to get a nice surround sound system to make it feel like you are actually at the game. At Best Buy, a nice Sony home theatre system can cost you under $300 dollars as well! $600 for a nice TV and speakers? I think anyone would take that deal, not to mention that these are essentials for the man cave. However, do what is best for your budget.


Peace and Quiet

If your house is relatively loud at many hours of the day, you may want to consider some soundproofing options for your man cave. Also, the soundproofing will keep all of that loud noise from the surround sound system to stay in the man cave and not disturb anyone else in the house. For some DIY tips on soundproofing, click here.


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The Bar – At Home!

To keep from having to go upstairs for snacks and drinks, your man cave is going to need a bar. Build it yourself, or have a professional come in and help you out. Also, be sure to have a mini fridge loaded with your favorite drinks as well as drinks at the bar so you can play the role of bartender whenever you have a gathering. In addition, do not forget to have snacks for whenever you are craving some Doritos while you lounge around.



To spice up the man cave and give guests, and yourself, something extra to do, consider adding some fun things to play around with. Some ideas include a ping-pong table, a pool table, or even artificial golf grass if you have the space. Any of these can add a nice touch to your man cave and even give the kids something to do while you enjoy the game. Definitely consider these options.  Also, you can even think about adding some weights and maybe even a workout machine and have a gym space as well if you have the space.


Finishing Touches

Color is key. You are going to want to make sure the colors of your walls and furniture match. That is, unless, you purposely want your man cave to have wacky colors. Cool grays, browns, and blacks are some nice options, but you can pick your favorite color as well. In addition, get a coffee table, reclinable chairs, and maybe a bean bag or two. Follow these man cave ideas, and everyone will be jealous of your cool space.

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