3 Tips for Removing Shingles

3 Tips for Removing Shingles


Are you replacing your roof?  Removing shingles from an entire roof can seem like a daunting task.  However, if you plan ahead, you can save yourself a lot of time.  So, here are three simple tips to keep in mind when you are prying off those old shingles.


Be Safe:

This is probably the most general advice a person can give when discussing home improvement topics.  However, it is important advice.  Working safely on your roof means protecting yourself as well as protecting your home.  Plan ahead.  Decide where you are going to put debris, and make sure that you don’t damage your home with old shingles.  While you’re on your roof, be wary of your surroundings.  Some roofs have soft spots.  Asphalt shingle are rough, and on warm days can become hot.  Falling on asphalt shingles can be painful and dangerous.  Last, know where the edges of your roof are.  Putting your foot in the wrong place can easily make you fall.


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Work in Sections:

You should be doing two things when you remove shingles.  The first thing you should be doing is removing the shingles, and the second thing is inspecting your roof for damage.  Make a mental grid of your roof and decide where you are going to start and where you would like to finish.  Take your time.  Look around after you’ve removed some shingles and inspect to make sure that there is no damage.  Last, after you have removed shingles, dispose of those shingles before you move on to the next section.  If you plan ahead and work in sections, removing shingles will be easier and safer.


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Protect Your Roof:

It has already been mentioned, but protecting your roof is almost as important as protecting yourself.  Moving quickly, dropping tools, and dropping old shingles can not only damage you but also damage your roof.  While you work, be aware of flashing, chimneys and sky lights.  Try not to damage any parts of your roof you are not removing.  One idea is to put a barrier around flashing or skylights so that old shingles and tool work does not damage them.


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