2018 Patio Trends-This Year’s Outdoor Living Trends

2018 Patio Trends-This Year’s Outdoor Living Trends


2018 Patio Trends

2018 is here!  With the new year comes new trends for your entire home, including outdoors.  Home owners build and remodel their decks and patios with a focus on outdoor living.  Warm weather calls us outside for entertaining, dining, cooking, and relaxing.  All of our featured trends touch on the overall goal of creating a seamless transition from inside to outside.  Start preparing for your outdoor renovations with some of our helpful 2018 tips in mind.


Comfortable Patio Furniture

Toss that old wicker patio set away.  Treat yourself to something more comfortable this year.  We spend more time outside than inside during those warmer months.  Why not make the outside furniture just as comfortable as your inside furniture?  Shop for plush sofas, swivel chairs, and lots of comfy throw pillows.  Comfortable patio furniture creates a more inviting setting that guest and family members can’t resist.

Bright Colors & Patterns

Keep it fun with bright fabric colors instead of boring neutrals.  And don’t shy away from patterns.  Remember, the idea is to decorate outside with the same design elements as indoors.  Mix and layer patterns for throw pillows and umbrellas.  Warm it up with oranges and reds or cool it down with purples and blues.  Fill your outdoor living space with a colorful palette to make it pop.


Focus on the Floor

Don’t forget about the floor.  Put just as much effort into remodeling the space below as you do everywhere else.  After all, we want to make the outside a seamless extension of inside.  If you have a deck, make sure to keep the surface barefoot friendly.  Keep your deck splinter free with natural deck restoration.  If your outdoor living space extends into the yard, consider stamped concrete for a pool deck or patio.  Stamped concrete provides a beautiful floor with unique design and color options.


Outdoor Fireplaces

If outside is the new inside, you need to create the right ambiance.  What better way to gather than around a fire?  Upgrade that old fire pit with a state-of-the-art stone fire place.  Design the landscape of your patio to include a place for a custom fire pit.  You’ll enjoy your outdoor living space at night with cozy seating around the warmth of a fire

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