2016 Tax Credit for Windows and Doors

2016 Tax Credit for Windows and Doors



Great news!  Installing energy efficient doors and windows can save you up to $500 in tax credit.  There are many benefits to choosing Energy Star Qualified products like ProVia doors and windows.  In addition to the obvious advantages of cheaper utility bills, you can also list the investment when filing your taxes.  What a great incentive to go energy efficient when remodeling your home?  Collect your tax credit for windows and doors this fall while you still can.


Cost of Credit

-10% of the total product cost of qualified new windows, up to $200

-10% of the total product cost of qualified new doors, up to $500

 tax credit for windows and doors

How does it Work?

The federal government acknowledges the purchase and installation of energy star qualified windows, doors, and skylights, extending a write off to taxpayers.  The policy originated with the Energy Policy Act of 2005 which established tax payer credit for energy improvements to residential homes.  Fortunately, the credit opportunity has been extended until the end of 2016.  In other words, there is still time to take advantage by installing energy efficient doors or windows this fall.

The process is easy!  Research products to find the best energy star qualified windows and doors on the market.  Make sure to confirm the energy star rating and statistics before making a purchase.  Share your purchase receipt with your tax advisor and ask how you can cash in on the investment.


Do I Qualify?

Qualifying is easy!  There are three simple qualifying factors that any home owner can meet.

The windows, doors, or skylight you install must be:

  1. Energy Star Qualified
  2. Installed in the tax payer’s primary residence
  3. Installed before December 2016

Check with energystar to verify certified products


Energy Star Products

In our opinion, the best energy star products available are made by ProVia.  Their commitment to providing energy efficient doors and windows through innovative design is unparalleled.  Check out their website to browse the wide variety of progressive options: Provia website link.

Why choose Energy Efficient Doors?

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    I felt sad to learn about this information this late. I should have had a door and window replacement so that I can have a tax credit. I was actually planning to have a house repair right after New Year. If only I knew about this earlier I should have had it before December. Is it possible to have tax credit for next year? Can you please give an update about this information? I’d be very delighted to know.


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