15 Amazing Ways to Improve the Style of Your Deck

15 Amazing Ways to Improve the Style of Your Deck


Curb appeal plays a vital role in dealing with any outdoor project. It is the first thing your guests notice before they enter your main house. In fact, it is considered a key selling point when you are planning to market your house in the future. Admit it or not, a cliché is true when it says, “The first impression lasts.” However, boosting your curb appeal is more than just intended for selling purposes. Whether you are planning for a deck repair, patio enclosures, or decorative patterns on your driveway, enhancing your home’s exterior isn’t just about increasing profitability, but it is more of improving livability and functionality.


According to the NAR’s (National Association of Realtors) 2018 Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features, 81% of homeowners said that they have a greater desire to be home since completing the project, giving us a Joy Score of 9.8. In terms of profitability, they have included a new wood deck project as one of the top five most appealing outdoor projects to home buyers, resulting in a closed deal.


Since your deck can make a significant impact to homeowner’s major sense of accomplishment and increasing marketability, it would be great to tackle this outdoor project and provide you with amazing tips to improve the style of your deck. We have listed 15 incredible ideas to add function, comfort, and style of your outdoor living space.


Lights On

Functionality, visual appeal, safety—these vivid advantages of landscape lighting is something you should not underestimate in sprucing up your outdoor living space. Landscape lighting and stylish lighting fixtures can create a modern and cozy feeling even after the sun goes down. Installing lights to your deck can be an easy DIY project that offers a world of options. Pick your choices from lanterns, weatherproof string lights to low-voltage, solar lights. Choosing the right spot isn’t a problem as well. Outdoor lights can be wired into your deck railings, stairs or balusters. It even complements decorative screens and seating areas, so nothing to worry if you and your family or friends want to stay late at night for a good, old-fashioned conversation. With these lighting fixtures elegantly-arranged, you will surely want to relax outside even during nighttime.


Cover Up

Modern decking is an incredible way to express yourself through style and designs. If you wish to achieve a modern appeal and long-lasting impression to your guests, adding pergola is a great option. A vividly eye-catching feature to your outdoor living space, pergola offers functionality and purposes: to enhance your property’s curb appeal and provide an impressive shade over the deck. Boost its glamour with outdoor fabrics and furniture arranged in modern style. Put a shade canopy over the pergola, and you’re turning a plain-looking deck into an outdoor oasis. Who says modern decking can be difficult?


Go Green

Raising the charm of your outdoor living space while being eco-friendly? That is possible by creating a landscape with lush planting and wonderful greeneries. An ideal option for backyard decks closed to the garden area, planting shrubs and flowers also add character and appeal to the outdoor sceneries. Perhaps the most convenient way of adding plants into your deck is to use container gardens. You can plant almost anything in containers. Plus, they are really portable and easy for upkeep. The fact that containers can also hide many eyesores, it makes sense to incorporate this great feature to improve the style of your deck. Not to mention this is a perfect way to get yourself aligned with nature.


Design an Outdoor Kitchen

A better way to enjoy your outdoor space is to bring the inside out. If your deck is very proximal to your dining room, it’s a great idea to transform it into a flavorful outdoor kitchen or dining space. You can improve the style of your deck by setting up outdoor furniture such as a small kitchen, grilling station, under-counter refrigerator, sink and eating area. Create an adventurous gourmet that your friend and families will surely crave for more or look forward to every day. The inclusion of outdoor kitchen offers an enjoyable party experience and a perfect spot for feeding hungry friends and families. How about a romantic candlelight dinner this season?


Refresh your Railings

Safety is undoubtedly an important aspect of building a deck. Hence, railings are recommended. Though you may want to create a deck free from any accidental hazards, beauty shouldn’t have to take a backseat.  Railings can make a statement, too. Improve your deck by enhancing the style and finish of your railings. Instead of choosing the ordinary type of deck railings, consider using materials that complement the design and style of your exterior. A sleek metal railing can match the appeal of the wood furniture on your deck. It gives a balance of modern and classic decking. Plus, slap on a new coat of paint or stain, and it will liven up your outdoor living space.


Sit Back and Relax

Modern decking doesn’t have to be extravagant. If you just want to improve the style of your deck while enjoying the fresh air of spring afternoon or gazing under a dark sky, a hammock or a built-in bench is all you might ever need. Incorporating these ideas to your modern decking maximizes the space and creates a stylish look. Just like window seats you find inside your home, built-in benches can also be used as storage spaces. You might want to add some fresh cushions and throw pillows for added comfort. A hammock, on the other hand, provides aesthetic touch as well. Both can be an excellent spot to unwind and savor a perfect view outside.


Wire for Sound

Planning to create an amazing party atmosphere outside? A weatherproof sound system arranged on your deck is channeling a party-ready place, which is perfect for special gatherings. You can choose speakers that would minimize unwanted foot traffic on your deck. A local contractor can also help you build these additional features for a better landscape and style.


Switch to Composites

When it comes to modern decking, the composite has been making round not just in the US but across the world. With a minimalistic look, composite decking is an eco-friendly and low maintenance alternative to timber. This type of decking material offers a highly-sustainable feature and is known to be ideal for areas with wetter climate. Composites are a perfect option to improve and replace your old, boring wooden deck as they are easy for upkeep and won’t require periodic staining or refinishing.  Hence, another way to save you money down the road.


Install Decorative Screens

Your deck is more than just an ordinary wooden board or railings. If you love your outdoor living space but not the view outside, you may want to install decorative screens that would make your deck look attractive. Aside from proven aesthetics, screens are added protection from the bugs or dust outside. Try to incorporate outdoor lighting to these decorative screens, and it will give your deck a more appealing ambience. It’s like bringing the outside in.


Build Water Features

The tranquil sound and rhythm of the running water are soothing to the soul. The running water itself can be mesmerizing to watch. That is why small decorative water features are here to not only keep you away from worries but also improve the charm of your outdoor living space. Water garden and fountain can create breathtaking scenery while enhancing your property’s curb appeal. Arrange a hammock or outdoor couches facing these water features, and it feels like you’re in a vacation spree. No need for a plane ticket, do you?


Moreover, if you want to get a perfect getaway to enjoy a delightful dip in the water, a poolside deck is a great option. Mix and match the concrete materials surrounding the pool to improve the character of your outdoor living space. A destination tub can also boost the overall landscape of your outdoor oasis.


Accentuate with Fresh Cushions and Outdoor Fabrics

Your deck isn’t just an addition but an extension of your main house. So, another amazing idea to improve its appeal is by incorporating textiles and outdoor fabrics. Your outdoor living space can be stunning with decorative pieces and statement added on it. You can achieve an elegant look by putting all-weather fabrics on your deck. The evolution of these fabrics gives every homeowner a chance to choose different shades, styles and designs that would match the color and style of your home. Comfy, decorative throw pillows also bring a cozy ambience, making it a great seating area for chit-chat.


Set up a Firepit

Don’t limit a good conversation inside the corners of your house. You may need a perfect gathering place outside and experience a sweet escape under the night sky. Warm those chilly nights with a fire pit set. It won’t only raise the beauty of your deck to its “wow” level, but it also creates an indoor feeling a few feet outside your main house. This is the right spot for group studies and backyard camping, isn’t it?


Brighten up the Colors

One of the simplest yet stylish tricks to improve the style of your outdoor living space is by choosing the right palettes and colors. It boils down to how these shades and hues complement the color of your main house. You may not want your deck to appear as a separate entity, so start choosing the right stain and paint colors. Warm and bright hues can liven up your deck’s appearance, giving a dramatic accent. Mix and match the colors to create vibrancy and character on your outdoor living space. You can also spice up your outdoor haven with painted tables and furniture, decorative vases and benches. These may be simple, but it will undoubtedly improve the style of your deck; thus, creating a great impression to your guests.


Build an Addition

To spruce up the beauty of your deck, your imagination is only your limitation. Modern decking is about creating limitless ideas and put those ideas into realities. A perfect example of improving the style of your deck is building an addition. Create a multifunctional space by adding gazebo with comfortable seating and modern lighting or lighting fixtures. An elevated deck is also an incredible place to experience overlooking scenery while enjoying a cup of tea. How about a dedicated play space underneath the elevated deck for kids and kids-at-heart? It will certainly bring back nostalgia in you.


Repair and Replace

Modern decking does not have to be pricey. Though expensive features and bulky furniture add character to your deck design, one of the best ways to improve the style of your deck is by simply making it clean and more functional. So, before you do anything on your deck or incorporate any style, you must give your outdoor living space a much-needed TLC. Evaluate your deck for any disrepair, dirt or structural damages. Test the foundation and check for any signs of mold, mildew, unstable railing or post. Replace warped deck boards and steps as soon as possible. And don’t forget to freshen up its look by staining, resealing and refinishing your deck. You may consider them a simple intervention, but it creates an impressive result in the overall appeal of your deck. As what they say, “Less is more.”


Final Thoughts

If you think it’s the right time to give your deck a makeover, Deck Ready can help you make it happen. We have been in the local contracting industry for a few years and already built a formidable reputation to put your ideas into a more structured concept. We are a team of highly-skilled professionals and only use top-quality materials to construct a stunning work of art.  It’s the perfect opportunity to liven up your outdoor living space that your families and friends will look forward to day by day. We want to work with you. Contact Deck Ready today and witness how we can turn your plain-looking deck into a perfect outdoor oasis.

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